Guam Diner Bytes: Green Door

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

I am more amazed than ever at the rapid march of time! April is already here and we’ve barely enjoyed March (I know I could have eaten and experienced more) but my health was paramount and rest was prescribed. Speaking of health, I am proud of myself for participating in the Pay-Less Markets Kick the Fat 5K Walk Run held March 21.

There were well over 4,000 participants and once again a firework display filled the early morning skyline when the race started. This has grown into one of the largest race events and we congratulate Kathy Calvo Sgro and her team for holding another successful fund-raiser supporting local charities.

We are also extending our condolences to the Calvo family on the recent passing of an island icon, businessman and altruist Thomas Jerome “Jerry” M. Calvo. It was an honor and pleasure to have known “Uncle Jerry” and to work closely with him to expand culinary arts on Guam through the annual UOGEF/MCA Chef’s Cup, an annual fund-raising event he initiated back in 2002. Thank you, “Uncle Jerry”, for your vision, leadership, generosity and friendship.

It’s that time of year again when our long-time friend and Guam lover, Dr. Jonathon Morris, a Portland, Maine-based psychiatrist, makes his 2-week visit to Guam where he volunteers his time at the Department of Mental Health, something he’s been doing for over 20 years.

He usually brings two or more graduate students for in-service training and this year had some of his students were accompanied by adventurous travelling companions. All were amazed and delighted by Guam’s many attractions and activities. They were certainly impressed by our great-tasting food!

This year’s anniversary with Dr. Jon was significantly different as “the Green Door” has a new owner, Chef Koichi Takai. Former owners Takeshi and Yokho Soma are retired from the restaurant business after creating one of the island’s most popular Japanese “izakayas,” (pubs) known for their famous tofu steak. Every year we have been enjoying a dinner here with Dr. Jon and his student entourage. Our celebration has become a tradition.

This year’s Green Door food tour with the Guam Food Guy was a little different as some of the group filmed me as I pitched the menu favorites we would be trying. We ordered the chicken salad, tofu steak, ribeye steak, fried shrimp with tartar salad, edamame, kimchi, Hamachi Kama, curry udon noodles, and a new item I’d not yet had, clams w/butter soy sauce ($10.00), which were quite tasty!

This was a hungry group and we had to order multiple dishes. I should also mention that the service at Katsu has never been better - as much as I loved Yokho, she would sometimes rush diners out at closing time, which cost her a few customers. Katsu’s new owner (whom I’ve known for years from previous positions) graciously obliged our request to pose with us for our annual reunion photo! We’ll do it again in 2016!

Bon Appetit!

Ken “The Food Guy” Stewart

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