Guam Diner Bytes: Jamaican Grill

Guam Diner Bytes: Jamaican Grill

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

If you don’t frequent Jamaican Grill at least once a week, you might be missing something. They have been SERIOUSLY expanding their menu and I had an opportunity to dine with some visiting media friends who wanted to try out some of the new items being featured along with their standard rib and chicken combo platter.

Before I go any further into our dining adventure, I want to give an “attaboy” shout-out to Frank, Tim and their Jamaican Grill team for their newly-designed website:, which is probably the most exciting, visually stimulating and seriously real food preparation experiences ever made locally! It is impressive and if you watch long enough you will probably see some people you recognize prepping, grilling, serving – or eating!

One of the appetizers we ordered was the jerk sesig (milkfish belly) aka jerk bangus ($9.50). This is served with some “titiyas” (tortillas) and has pepperoncino peppers and lemon to drizzle over before jumping in with our spoon, fork, chopsticks or fingers. Once you start, you will have a hard time stopping! This is seriously delicious, and reminds me of chicken kelaguen.

I started liking milkfish at Ben & Yan’s (sizzling bangus) and when I had it here I felt these guys really tapped into something great! A lot of customers will appreciate this Jerk rendition of this classic Filipino staple.

Though I’ve had this other item before, it was a first for my friends and they relished this Jamaican Grill version of another Filipino cuisine standard, adobo. Their jerk adobo ribs (bite-size ribs for $13.95) are spot on! Tender, flavorful, and abundant, this has become a big seller for Jamaican Grill.

I also wanted my media colleagues to try one of Jamaican Grill’s other super popular menu items - their jerk burger ($11.50), which has two beef patties (grilled to your liking), with cheese, curry mayo, grilled tomato, grilled red onion, and grilled buns. While not the biggest burger on island, it probably has the biggest flavor and it won’t leave you feeling overly stuffed. My media friends definitely enjoyed this hamburger and discovered the unique flavor of curry mayo!

Ya mon, serious food things happening at Jamaican Grill.

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