Guam Diner Bytes: Java Hut Coffee Shop

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

I’d been stopping by Java Hut Coffee Shop on weekends with Zee off and on for some time, however, recently we began to taste the difference in their espresso-based beverages. They are doing amazing things at Java Hut by serving the ultra-premium Illy brand of coffee and they are also using Monin syrups.

Zee was happy one morning to order the red orange San Pellegrino sparkling fruit beverage with her tofu spinach wrap ($7.95). I had the Breakfast Deluxe ($7.95) on the same day. This has three fluffy pancakes, eggs the way you like them, and bacon or sausage. It’s a pretty decent meal for me and it comes with a regular coffee. They take great pride in garnishing their dishes as they are served. Sometimes I eat the garnish!

I went for a late lunch on Thursday afternoon and ordered the tuna melt Panini ($5.95) on a multi-grain sandwich, a chicken cheese quesadilla ($6.95) with a Java Hut salsa on the side – this salsa’s awesome, made with a little Italian dressing. i also ordered the chicken curry salad ($8.25) and a deli wrap (ham and turkey - $6.95) with a spinach wrap.

To drink, I was at a loss, so Samantha suggested I have the Rox Blend ($5.50) Frappe. I am not usually a frappe kind of guy, however, this Rox Blend was pretty darned tasty with two shots of espresso and chocolate syrup and whipped cream (all the bad things that taste so good)!.

As I ate and played with my iPad (they have great Wi-Fi there), I began to see why so many people liked coming here during the weekday to eat, drink, and relax in this comfortable haven of a cafe. There is something very inviting and welcoming about this place. It must be the magical inspiration of owner Rubyjane Buhain-Redila. She’s a special entrepreneur and has a commitment to excellence, in the ingredients of her food and the quality of her service.

The tuna melt Panini was actually very tasty and something I’d have again. Same goes for the chicken cheese quesadilla. The chicken breast in the chicken curry salad was ample and well-seasoned - a mild curry that worked well with the dressing on the fresh greens. They seemed to have worked out their flavor combinations quite well.

My deli wrap was also a winner for me, with just the right balance of ham, turkey, and cheese, along with an unusual Asian vinaigrette sauce that really worked the fresh veggies (carrots, red onions, bell peppers, and green leaf lettuce). It was fresh inside and out.

There’s food and beverages for everyone’s preference here at Java Hut Coffee Shop. Check out their specials on their menu board when you go there. I’m glad to have them in my neighborhood. Who knows, I might even take up riding my bike here!

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