Guam Diner Bytes: King's Restaurant Value Menu

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

Okay, it's King's again! I had seen a flyer in the paper and had not yet dropped in to try out some of the new offerings. King's has really "stepped up to the plate" with these new Value Menu offerings. I knew that their food and service had greatly improved. Their marketing is also more sophisticated. Most importantly, they have ventured into the realm of culinary composition, where they are experimenting and trying out new (to King's) food pairings and ingredient combinations that are more upscale and beyond the ordinary. Let's not forget the key word "Value", because during the times these items are served, you are going to be pleased by the price you pay and the perception of the value you've received.

I had stopped by the Compadres location and was able to test try three menu offerings. I had the Crabocado Omelet ($6 breakfast, from Breakfast Steals, Monday - Friday from 6AM - 11AM). This surprisingly delicious omelet is made with Lump crab meat and creamy avocado sauce folded in and topped with Monterey Jack cheese.This can come with toast, hash browns, or white rice. I was served scoops of King's Friend Rice...and marveled at how tasty this was! The guacamole sauce blends so well with the egg , cheese and crab meat. The lump crab is of a good quality which really supports the flavor integrity.

I also ordered from the Dinner Deal Value Menu (Served Monday - Sunday from 5 PM - 10PM) the Oriental Chicken Salad ($8). This has crisp fresh lettuce (hydroponic from Grow Guam) and other salad fixings with grilled white meat chicken breast that is sliced and has a rich hoisony dressing and shredded Colby Jack cheese. The salad had diced apples, tangerines and craisin (cranberry/raisins). It wasn't a bad salad, I just had trouble focusing on the salad when I was eating that terrific omelet.

It became more of an ordeal for me when the last item I ordered from the Dinner Deal Menu, one of the Steak Toppers, which has a topping placed atop a 10 oz Certified Angus Beef New York strip steak cooked to my liking (Medium Rare) arrived. The Topping was the Portabella Parmesan Cream Sauce. I had this with Fries and Steamed Vegetables. I took a taste of the cream sauce with a portabello chunk and was dazzled by the richness of the flavor of this sauce! It was on par with some of the finer sauces you get at expensive steakhouses. I sliced the steak and just keep slicing and biting until the steak was gone! I decided to take the salad home for later.

Just when I was about ready to go, I was asked if I'd be willing to try a dessert they were currently developing. "Sure," I said. Well, lo and behold, I was brought out this lovely creation that I was told was a deep fried Twinkie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream topped with macadamia chunks! Yum Yum! Not just one bite this was fresh and hot and sweet and decadently irresistible. It's not officially a Twinkie as Hostess is out of business. What is really is a "Tasty Cake" -identical in every way to the noble Twinkie. In preparing it, they coated it with pancake batter so it didn't absorb oil and also to protect the cake. Well, I can tell you they didn't protect this cake from me! Whatever they call it, it is an impressive hot dessert creation that is not at all what you'd expect. It is just another surprise this great team at King's has been planning, executing and plating! I can't wait to try other dinner deals like the Chicken Mushroom Rice Melt and Magnificent Meatloaf. I also hear the Crab Oscar going to mist your eyes!! This is a lot to chew on, folks...just come and take your time!

Bon appetit!

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