Guam Diner Bytes: KN's Sandwiches

by Ken Stewart
Guam Food Guy

A new Vietnamese sandwich restaurant recently opened in Tamuning (Cinema Arcade). I visited on a Sunday and they had only been open maybe just a week or two. They had spent some serious money on equipment(there is no other restaurant with the bread baking equipment they have to make bread for their famous Banh Mi sandwiches. I was so impressed with all the visuals in the room...the food pictures, the social media address and contact information, the fancy menus and brochures, their logo! I was thinking that these folks really did their homework just from the looks of things! You could see big giant French loaves which they also serve with all of their soup dishes. You could hear the loud crunch of the crisp crust of this fresh baked bread! Sounds good, right? Well a word of caution. If you want to enjoy your lunch or dinner here, sit near an air conditioner. It gets really hot in some areas of the dining room.

Also, when I ordered my Fresh Lumpia (three pcs for $5.50), I had thought they would have shrimp inside. They make theirs with pork. (What if you don't eat pork?) You need to ask for shrimp in advance (they don't tell you to do that though!). The Hoisin sauce with Sriracha was pretty tasty with the nuts sprinkled in. I did tell one of the partners that they need to use a plastic or melamine plate for the fresh lumpia since the skin is so sticky it would lift paper off the paper plate!

I did order the Special Combo Banh Mi Sandwich for $8.50. It had BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken, and BBQ Pork Belly. It wasn't bad...just a disproportionate amount of bread compared to any sauce. I ordered the Vietnamese Iced Coffee ($5.50) which was not up to the standard. Also, and I'm sorry for being a little hard on these hard-working folks, but they need to improve their Fried Chicken Wings Appetizer (eight pcs for $8.50). These were wimpy and tasteless. There are some people who would feel insulted if they got the plate I was served. I did tell them that as well, so I hope they took heed and now offer something better.

I'm sure you can navigate your way through their limited (17 item) menu to find something you may enjoy. They have smoothies (not easy to mess these up) and some Rice Plates like Grilled Pork Chop ($12.50).

I think this restaurant will do much better once they pay more attention to their customers.

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