Guam Diner Bytes: The Lemai Cafe and Restaurant

Guam Diner Bytes: The Lemai Cafe and Restaurant

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

A remarkable thing happened when I stopped in Lemai this past Monday (which was a GovGuam holiday for our Lady of Camarin). There was only one other person there (I had actually phoned in my order from the bank) when I arrived and I sat down next to her at the counter. Within a few minutes we were talking about the food here and island events and I soon found out she was visiting from Indiana and that her daughter was at Naval Hospital about to give birth! I had ordered two dishes (for Balutan purposes).

The first to come out was the Tinala Katne with Fried Titiyas ($11.00). This is dried beef and is one of the best (they use Certified Angus Beef). The second dish was Lemai’s famous Garlic Fried Chicken ($10). Although I had originally wanted their regular Monday Special (Beef Shank Kadu), I settled for these two comfort dishes with my finadene and some donne salii.

When the visiting lady learned I was the Guam Food Guy, she couldn’t believe it! She had come to Lemai based on my previous article which she read on our website!!! I shared some of my Tinala Katne with her...she liked it and promised she’ll return for more of that! That just shows that big things can happen even in a small world! Get over to Lemai Cafe for down home delicious Chamoru food!

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