Guam Diner Bytes: Lemai Cafe & Restaurant

Guam Diner Bytes: Lemai Cafe & Restaurant

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

I had the pleasure of having an impulsive lunch date with my friend and co-worker, Jo-Anne Q. who had tasted some of Lemai’s special meals when I’d brought some to the office last year.

When I found out that she was already in transit to go there, I pre-ordered one of the day’s specials (the Oxtail Kadu - $10.00), and then pre-ordered another special (Garlic Fried Chicken - $10), too. Jo-Anne had ordered Tinala Katne ($11.00), which is a delicious dried beef (they use C.A.B.) which is better than most. When I arrived, I just told our server to give us side plates and bowls so we could share our meal and Jo-Anne could balutan any left overs.

The Oxtail Kadu was so tasty and flavorful, especially after I added a little donne salii (crushed red pepper) and finadene. We both marveled at how much we loved cabbage in our soup. The oxtail was tender and came easily off the tail bone. We split up the golden fried chicken pieces with us both marveling at how especially tasty Lemai’s garlic fried chicken was...if you love fried chicken...well, it’s not the healthiest but it is the tastiest!!

Of course, I had a few chunks of Jo-Anne’s Tinala Katne, dipping the juicy beef in my donne-reinforced finadene . My oh my, we locals sure know where and how to eat!!! Gof Mannge!

As is tradition, at the end of our meal, our server put out a plate of Bonelos Dagu, Chamoru banana donuts, a local favorite! Joanne had not yet had these, and fell in love at first bite!

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