Guam Diner Bytes: Lone Star Steakhouse anniversary menu

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

Congratulations to Lone Star Steakhouse on the occasion of your 18th Anniversary. You have created a menu for this occasion of food items that can be ordered for lunch and dinner. I was able to try out their freshly made Shrimp Kelaguen ($10.99) the other day during my lunch.

The presentation was dramatic, with crispy fried corn titya spears surrounding a small bowl of kelaguen in the center. It was so fresh tasting (almost sweet) that I understood how it was priced beyond a typical kelaguen. This was an extraordinary kelaguen, and not too spicy (it was actually mild), however there was a boonie pepper that I bit on to get my “pika” kick!

One of the featured Entrees on this Anniversary menu is Crusted Salmon ($22.99), which has a 10 oz. melt-in-your-mouth baked salmon filet covered in a light wasabi cream sauce and coated with Japanese panko bread crumbs. This was definitely a change from the norm.

Other items on the menu are dishes that were brought back by popular demand are the Sesame Chicken Salad ($14.99) and the Wild Fire Steak ($26.99). The Smothered Bacon Wrapped Sirloin they are featuring sounds pretty tempting, too.


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