Guam Diner Bytes: Manhattan Steakhouse

Guam Diner Bytes: Manhattan Steakhouse

by Ken Stewart
Guam Food Guy

Crab Meat Specials at Manhattan Steakhouse
(Guam Marriott Resort)

Manhattan has recently launched an amazing menu of special creations celebrating crab meat in enticing and delectable ways. Lump crab meat is used extensively in these dishes with the one exception being the soft shell crab appetizer. This special menu will be running through the end of this year and may be continued. I was fortunate to be joined in this tasting by Marriott’s Executive Chef, Leland Feng, and Greg Mohr, Marriott’s Director of Restaurants. Their joining made it possible and easier to try almost all of the menu items which we’ll briefly describe and let the photos do the “talkin.’”

The first item we had from the appetizer and salad selections was the Crab Louie Salad ($19) with a blend of lump crab meat, onions and celery tossed in a Creole mayo served on a bed of crisp local greens with golden baked tortilla chips. Local triton greens are topped by a mound of this delicious savory crab Louie blend. The baked tortilla chips are very good and healthier than fried tortilla chips. There’s no grease nor oils. I may sound like I’m over-stating it, but you’ll find out that these dishes are full of crab meat. These are perfect for this dish which I highly recommend you try.

The next item served was the crab meat spinach dip ($14), which is another delicious special blend of lump crab, cheese and spinach. The portion is hefty so be sure to share with someone else. This also has those awesome baked tortilla chips, which not only have a wonderful taste, they feel better – they’re crunchier and crispier! These dishes have a high “MCPB” (more-crab-per-bite) rate.

We then had the soft shell Crab ($8), which features a fried soft shell crab served with orange and Cajun sauces. There aren’t many places where you can order soft shell crabs here, but this is one and eating them whole is what it’s all about. The seasoned batter on these is just the right amount and both the orange and Cajun sauces complement this lovely crab as it performs a disappearing act.

We then had one of my favorite cold soup appetizers, crab gazpacho $12, which is stunningly presented in a cobalt blue goblet. The richly flavored gazpacho is filled with lump crab meat and comes with an optional citrus vodka shooter. You can choose to take a shot or to mix it with your gazpacho to get a bloody Mary (crab-meat style). This is a fun dish on its own and they’ve really perfected the gazpacho’s fresh vegetable blend.

They let me do a solo on the gazpacho and the next dish, which was a hot soup in the form of the crab bisque ($12), which is a seriously rich soup infused with lump crab meat and a thick brandied cream. I was really impressed with just how much crab they put in this soup – you sure didn’t need a toothpick to locate it!

Now we move on to the entrees, the first one being the salmon filet ($36), featuring an 8-ounce salmon filet topped with asparagus tips, “ikura” (salmon roe) lump crab meat, butter and Bearnaise sauce. This was perfection on a plate on so many levels! The Bearnaise sauce was superlative and the salmon cooked to a moist and light flaked perfection. Asparagus was another treat, crunchy and flavorful with each bite!

One of two beef (surf & turf combinations) was the Oscar Style Filet ($45) consisting of a 6-ounce prime CAB filet topped with asparagus tips, lump crab meat and Bearnaise sauce. This award-winning dish was hands-down “awesome,” and I was sure to point out this steak (and the New York strip loin) are prime grade cuts of beef (the highest). It was fork tender and absolutely delicious.

Our final entree was the Carpetbag New York Strip ($45) – a 10-ounce pan-seared prime CAB New York Strip stuffed with crab meat, mozzarella cheese and scallion, topped with Marriott steak butter and brown sauce. Although I enjoyed this wonderful treatment (an over-stuffed steak with lots of crab meat flowing out), I was already too full to eat much and had a few bites. We did justice to this menu, and only missed the Caesar salad with crab meat ($18), which is a traditional Caesar tossed with crab meat. Sounds heavenly, right?

Get down to Manhattan Steakhouse and indulge in this lavish crab meat promotion along with Manhattan’s other fine dining selections.


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