Guam Diner Bytes: Manhattan Steakhouse - Pacific Star Resort & Spa

Guam Diner Bytes: Manhattan Steakhouse - Pacific Star Resort & Spa

by Ken Stewart
Guam Food Guy

If there is one thing that Manhattan excels in, it is providing a high quality dining experience for their guests. I finally had the opportunity to explore a new offering at Manhattan which is their introduction of Black Mountain Aged Angus Beef. I had seen posters and advertisements promoting this juicy succulent grilled beef dream and I was even doubt-full if I could eat that much meat! Well, I can honestly say I didn't eat it all myself in one sitting, but there are many who do!

Manhattan has a special menu devoted to their family of Black Mountain Aged Angus Beef, with two categories: Black Mountain Aged Beef Prime and Black Mountain Aged Beef Choice. Within these they have both dry aged and wet aged beef offerings, and these include the standard cuts of striploin, ribeye, and filet mignon. The aging is done in temperature-controlled environments with time periods of up to 28 days.

I did try the Prime Tomahawk Ribeye 32 oz cut ($130.00), which is a high-value, high-quality steak by any standard! We had it cooked Medium Rare and it came out with criss-crossed grill marks that scored the outside that gave way to amazingly tender and flavorful meat inside. This is something you would on a special occasion or if you just want to spend a pile of money on a darned good steak! You will not walk away disappointed. The marbling was balanced...and each bite was a flavor discovery especially enhanced by one of the three sauces provided - the truffle oil sauce...! The side vegetables accompanying this royal portion complemented and satisfied - potato, carrots, asparagus, grilled cherry tomatoes, mushroom, and roasted garlic.... Nice....really nice.

We also tried the Dry Aged Angus Beef Prime Striploin 10 oz. ($55.00), which is more my style and personal preference - the Tomahawk is one of those extreme show pieces! If you are eating "Prime", it is the highest grade and offers the best bite for the money. Definitely worth ordering and a different kind of steak experience than some of the traditional offerings. For those who want other Prime cuts the Porterhouse is 18 oz and the Ribeye is 20 oz. The Choice selections have a lower pricing tier.

Manhattan still reigns supreme in the fine-dining steakhouse category.

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