Guam Diner Bytes: McKraut’s Fast Food & Beer Garden

Guam Diner Bytes: McKraut’s Fast Food & Beer Garden

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

In case you missed the OKTOBERFEST Celebration at McKraut’s, there is still an opportunity to enjoy some of the OKTOBERFEST Special creations. We did such a good job of describing it last year we thought we’d quote a portion: “It’s already OKTOBERFEST at McKraut’s Fast Food & Beer Garden in sunny, idyllic Malojloj (pronounced “Mah Low Low”)! Located way down south from Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove, you won’t miss this place --- it’s grown from a quaint road-side stand to a full-fledged building complete with has to be one of the largest private developments on Route 4! Since the owner, Ludwig “Lutz” Uhmeyer, is German, he’s celebrating his native homeland’s most popular festival, OKTOBERFEST, in a very special way. In addition to serving an awesome variety of German beers on tap (and by the bottle), he has donned his Lederhose (German breeches - real men do wear leather!!) and has cooked up two Oktoberfest specials that will only be available during the weekends in October (starting this weekend, too).

Well, that was last year and this year he introduced some new items (we only had two of the four that he created). I ordered the Halbe Hend’l (Half Roast Chicken) Green Peas and Hot German Potato Salad ($10.75) and Zee had the Kartofflepuffer (4 Potato Pancakes), Apple Sauce and sour cream - $9.00. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and this place has become amazingly popular. It is actually hard to get a table and we were lucky to get two seats at the bar. Fortunately our friend, Heidi and Rolf Meyer (Tower of London owners) were there so we had a grand time talking stories and drinking beer while awaiting our dishes. These were both quite good, however, I was probably the most satisfied.

Two other new entrees were the Sauerbraten in Burgundy Raisin Sauce (Red Cabbage and Spaetzle) - $13.95, and the Rumpsteak (12 oz. Black Angus Rib Eye) Grilled to perfection with Fried Onion, Baked Beans, Spinach and Mashed Potatoes ($18.95).

Lutz informed us that he would still have the ingredients to make some of these specials on request beyond October. He may even add them to his German Entree menu as he did the popular Bavarian Goulash and the belly busting Roast Smoked Pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes. Of course he will continue to sell his Smoked Bratwurst in Loaf Basil Bread, with Dijon Mustard, Salad and Fries ($7.75), along with his family of burgers and lesser dogs. If you are free and able to go down during the weekdays, you won’t have to worry about fighting the weekend crowds. You’d also be able to spend time chatting with Lutz and listening to his boisterous deep laugh while sharing a beer. “Zum Wohl”!!!

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