Guam Diner Bytes: McKraut's Bar & Restaurant

Guam Diner Bytes: McKraut's Bar & Restaurant

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

I can remember the first time my friend Lutz (Ludwig Uhmeyer, owner of McKraut’s) told me he was going to expand his little roadside stand in the idyllic rustic village of Malojloj (pronounced “Mah Low Low”) into a German Beer Garden! I knew he would do it. I just didn’t realize how well he would succeed in bringing the tastes and suds of Germany to Guam! Although you can get a wide selection of German beers in bottles and some on tap, you can get an array of craft beers (many of which seem totally new).

It may seem strange to even think about eating at McKraut’s, for we had already eaten breakfast at Michele’s, had some of the impressive Mother’s Day buffet entrees (King Crab Legs!) at Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove, and had already downed a couple of Detmolder pilsners. Yet, here we were, faced with the hard choice of deciding between the veal bratwurst or the smoked bratwurst! Decisions, decisions! Let’s just have both!

The veal bratwurst in a loaf of basil bread with Dijon, salad and fries is $9.50. The smoked bratwurst in loaf of basil bread, Dijon, salad, and Fries for $9.75. You can load these bad boys up with onions, sauerkraut, mustard, and pickle relish if you want. These are big, meaty, flavorful brats, and you won’t be disappointed.

Another customer had ordered something I wanted to get a photo of to share with you. It is the Jagerschnitzel (breaded) porkloin in mushroom cream sauce with mashed potato and red cabbage with vegetables ($14.95). This just looks so delectable. The red cabbage is sweet and tart and complements mushroom-gravied pork loin.

Then I saw a dish that was new to me that was on their specials menu. It was a combination sausage plate of bratwurst and smoked sausage, red cabbage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes ($15.95). This was an interesting option going bun-less. This is definitely a meat-lovers destination.

I happened to see a dessert dish on someone’s table and they said it was just heavenly. It looked like an ice cream sundae but I was informed that it was apple strudel with vanilla ice cream! If looks could thrill (they did)! Well for $4.50, you can’t go wrong! McKraut’s is open seven days a week. All major credit cards are accepted.

Bon appetit!

Ken “The Guam Guy” Stewart

Guam Diner Bytes website

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