Guam Diner Bytes: Meskla Dos Burger Challenge

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

It was really happenstance that we stopped by Meskla Dos today. When Saipan Chef Donn Gueniot of the Paradise Hotel came to Guam to visit our showroom, the question of where to eat lunch arose.

When he asked who had the best burger, well there was no question in my mind about where would this chef be most impressed. I had just been talking about Meskla Dos with owners Peter & Monica Duenas over dinner at Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro with another visiting chef, Andreas Lorenz, previously of the Westin Resort Guam, who was here with his wife, Merce and son, Kai.

The Lorenz family reside in China. Meskla Dos has hit paydirt in this key location, however, It’s more than location - it’s the quality of their burger experience. When Chef Donn & I arrived just before noon, this place was already packed with tourists and locals.

We ordered the Maga’Lahi Burgers (the Chief’s Burger, $15.50 ea., and added bacon, $2). This 1 lb. patty is grilled with three slices of cheese on a super king bun and has their special boonie pepper firecracker sauce!

When you see this burger it is hard to imagine how anyone could eat the whole thing (I did before). While eating, we chatted with Andy Fernandez, Meskla Dos Restaurant Manager, who had actually stayed at the Paradise Hotel when he was in Saipan last year (prior to Chef Donn’s arrival). Chef Donn was definitely impressed with Meskla’s burger, and he and I gave this bad boy our best shot!

Unfortunately, the burgers (we had fries and onion rings) were more than we could handle. It was a noble effort, however, we had to throw in the towel. Next time, we’ll just have the Kuetes Cheese Burger ($8.75), which is more manageable at half the size of the Maga’Lahi!

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