Guam Diner Bytes: Mosa's Joint

Guam Diner Bytes: Mosa's Joint

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

Dear Guam Food Guy reader,

Those talented, trophy-toting ladies who brought you the awesomely divine eats at MOSA’S HOTBOX have made a solid landing in the Bej Jess Bldg. (just south of the Bank of Hawaii’s Branch) along Marine Corps Drive. They have in the past month opened for dinner, then lunch, and have menus for both.

The dinner menu offers an array of appetizers (highlighting a few healthy vegetarian choices), entree salads, quesadillas, platters, pastas, entrees, badass burgers, and a kid’s menu. The lunch menu offers the same appetizers, entree salads, and burgers, but also a slew of sandwiches, among which is a lamb Greek Philly, mango bourbon pulled pork sandwich, black pepper crusted ahi sandwich, falafel fold, lamb or chicken gyro, and a memorable reuben ($9.50) I had on Wednesday afternoon, and is now ranked as my top choice for Reubens!

Nestled between two slices of toasted rye, Mosa’s has packed thick slices of savory corned beef with sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, and Thousand Island. I had a Greek Salad as my side selection and will certainly have this sandwich again!

Mosa’s Joint has a bohemian ambiance with art creations by featuring the works of local artists, namely the imaginative Michelle Pier. Some of their tables are art-pieces, as is the bar which was built by co-owner Monique Genereux’s dad, Mikey. (he also built the bar at Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove) Mosa’s Joint is not a fancy smancy restaurant, it’s more of a “come as you are” establishment and wears its name “Mosa’s Joint” well!

Monique’s partner is veteran chef Sara Pleadwell, who occasionally pokes her head out of the kitchen (her preferred domain! They have already established a loyal following of foodies who claim the food is “addictive.”

Prior to my lunch visit, we ate there on Monday night. I ordered the deep fried chicken wings with horseradish ranch dipping sauce - $11.00. These were slightly battered with a little bit of heat. Zee had the Hummus and Pita appetizer ($7.75). If you don’t want Pita bread, you can get veggies.

Zee’s main entree was a Greek Platter with Falafel, served with hummus, baba ghanouge, feta cheese and a Greek salad ($15.25). This platter was so large she had to take it home. I had a bite of her falafel and marveled at how light, crispy, and tasty it was (not to mention “healthy”). Other platter choices are lamb or chicken.

My main entrée was Mosa’s balsamic glazed lamb chops topped with a zesty lemon basil sauce ($26.50). All entrees are served with a choice of garlic mashed potatoes or rice and grilled veggies or salad. I had the garlic mashed and grilled vegetables (these are great – onions, eggplant, land red bell pepper). The chops were tasty and I have to admit, there were just enough. I did need a little more of that zesty lemon basil sauce. I had a glass of Cabernet to pair with my lamb (Mosa’s has a limited selection of wines, beers, and offers a full-service bar.

We managed to save room for dessert so we ordered the Baklava ala mode ($5.75) and the Baked Brownie ala mode ($6.75), both of which were dreamily presented and consumed (sorry diet!!).

Monique then asked if we’d tried her cheesecake of the day creation, which happened to be a pumpkin cranberry walnut cheesecake with a cranberry raspberry coulis ($4.95). We ordered it for the photo and Zee made a special gift of this tasty dessert to one of her co-works, who relished it! There’s plenty more to eat at Mosa’s Joint! We made our debut and will be back for more!

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