Guam Diner Bytes: Nayon Express Restaurant

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

Dear Guam Food Guy reader,

I have been trying to get over to this restaurant for the past nine months and I’m glad that my pare, Joe B, agreed to make the journey with me for lunch on Wednesday! I had reviewed the Nayon Turo Turo Restaurant in Tamuning’s Hafa Adai Exchange in February 2003 and was so greatly impressed by their awesome, belly-filling Filipino foods that I was a frequent customer over the years getting my 3-choice selections which usually had Chicken Tinola (one of my favorite soups).

The Calalo family has since sold their interest in the Hafa Adai Exchange location when they established Nayon Express Restaurant last year.

When Tess Calalo saw me walk in she smiled and greeted me warmly...I was long over due here!! Her daughter Lanie saw me and said I haven’t changed (still look the same - she does too with her adorably friendly smile) after 12 years!! We had arrived early and were able to see some of the steam table pans filled with ingredients head to the display warmer. Tess knew I was there for Tinola and told Lanie that was one of my choices.

I also ordered the pork and chicken adobo, the pork caldereta, and had pancit and rice (they usually give you two heaping piles of white rice, but I wanted the pancit. Joe B had ordered the Grilled Squid that came with some vinegar finedene. We both had the Calamansi juice.

We ate like two guys who hadn’t eaten in weeks!! The rich flavors and sauces were so addictive you couldn’t stop eating! The pork and chicken were so tender they’d fall easily off the bone.

I just love my Tinola! It is a nutritious, vibrant soup made with Malunggay leaves, which are horseradish tree leaves. It was filled with tender chicken pieces, baby bo choy, green papaya, green chilies, Chinese Cabbage, and fresh ginger.

The Malunggay leaves have a special curative power - good for colds and recommended for other ailments such as diabetes. It is also said to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Lanie had given us some banana lumpia (Turon) to eat after finishing our feast. We had noticed some customers getting Halo Halo and I was able to take a photo. It looked refreshing but didn’t seem to have all of the toppings I am used to seeing. They have other desserts like coconut pudding and rice cake. Prices are $5.95 for one choice and $6.95 for 2 choices. There are prices for small side containers of food. You should be able to get your feel for under $10.

Nayon Express also does catering and they offer a full-service catering for special events. To see some of their food creations and events, check out the Facebook page

When you have a craving like Joe B and I did for fine Filipino cuisine just go to Nayon Express and you’ll get all you need and more! This food is ang serap (so delicious)!

Bon Appetit!

Ken the Guam Food Guy

Guam Diner website

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