Guam Diner Bytes: Oishi! Japanese Curry House

Guam Diner Bytes: Oishi! Japanese Curry House

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Diner

Oishi! Japanese Curry House opened while I was travelling off-island. It is located in the same small space that used to house Pika’s Cafe. This size seems to work better for Oishi! Japanese Curry House as their menu is simpler and streamlined to only feature curry dishes, specifically Japanese curry dishes. As the small table tent with the Indian, British, Japanese and Guam flags states, “Curry which was originally created by the Indian, was introduced to Japan by the British, at a time when India was under their administration. The British somewhat “re-invented” the curry by introducing “curry powder.”

The dish became popular in Japan and available for purchase in supermarkets and restaurants in the late 1960’s. It has been adopted since its introduction to Japan, and is so widely consumed that it has been labeled a national dish.” The sign cutely summarizes curry’s evolution with the phrase, “Created in India, Renovated in Britain, Improved in Japan and Now, enjoyed in Guam!”

If you like Japanese style curry, then you should be pleased and excited that a bona fide Japanese curry establishment has opened. We stopped by early in the week and tried two of their offerings. I had the Pork Katsu Curry ($9.75) and was convinced to be adventurous by adding shredded cheese for $2 more. Zee went for a Vegan option, and they only had the Eggplant Curry ($8.50) on their menu. Zee asked if they had anything else and they advised they had spinach. She had the spinach and corn ($1 more). They only have steamed white rice and red ginger.

I was pleasantly surprised by the interesting and different flavors I encountered from the melting shredded cheese as it blended into my curry. They had told me it was good and I agree, it was pretty good. Other curry dishes on their soft opening menu included Gyoza Curry, Salmon Fry Curry, Natto Curry, Creamy Crab Croquette Curry, Tofu Curry, and Ebi Katsu Curry. You can add chili pepper/powder to your curry dish if you’d like to make it spicier (recommended if you are used to hot and spicy curry).

Take out is available. When you are through, so over to FrostBite to cool down your palate!

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