Guam Diner Bytes: Sea Grill Restaurant

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

If you are looking for something new and different while dining in Tumon, you can find an amazing variety of tasty eats at Sea Grill Restaurant as we discovered recently. I was joined by Aileen L. who really appreciates quality dining as much as I do.

Once Executive Chef Rey Dasalla heard we were in the house he wanted us to try some appetizers after we’d ordered our main courses, which was the BBQ Mixed Grill Trio ($18.50) and Ground Sirloin Loco Moco ($16.50).

The view of San Vitores Road below is scenic and busied by the moving waves of walking visitors shopping on both sides of the street. While sitting here you can get a real sense of Guam’s premier tourism hub, Pleasure Island.

The first item to arrive was an eye-popping plate filled with cheese topped bread chunks. The name is as much of a mouthful as each piece – Roasted Eggplant Bacon Quattro Cheese Bread ($9.50), which is a blend of mascarpone, boursin, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese served with garden fresh basil tomato sauce.

When they say “garden fresh”, they ain’t lying? They have their own herb garden that they pick from every day! If you are a cheese lover, these are really satisfying.

The second appetizer we were treated to was the Chamorro Chicken Empanadas ($7.95). This dish is beautifully plated and honors a local favorite, chicken kelaguen, which is encrusted in Tatiyas and served with their famous coconut dinanche sauce.

Once you have a taste of this creamy, orange tinted condiment, you will know why it’s famous! This is not spicy at all and has an addictively delicious taste. These unique treats are excellent and are something you could eat every day! The pickled cucumber and carrots garnishing this plate provide a surprising taste zing!

The lunch menu at Sea Grill is quite extensive and includes everything from sandwiches and salads to steak and lobster! The BBQ Mixed Grill Trio ($18.50) is a belly-buster and includes honey-hoisin barbecue pork ribs, kalbi short ribs and teriyaki chicken with shrimp garlic fried rice, kimchee and wasabiyaki sauce.

This plate is piled vertically and the meats lay atop sautéed vegetables (including bok choy). The kimchee is notably tasty and complements the rich variety of grilled meats. Though I had ordered this, we shared our plates and did our best to finish.

Aileen had ordered the Ground Sirloin Loco Moco ($16.50), which I had endorsed based on a prior experience. It has a ½-pound ground beef patty atop shrimp garlic fried rice, caramelized onions, mushrooms and acho chili demi glace. Two eggs are layered on top of this and they are garnished with tomato concasse and green onions. Again, we had more than enough to share!

We were able to catch up with Manager Josh Suka and get a photo op with Executive Chef Rey and his Sous Chef, Joel Aranas, both of whom were sporting new Sea Grill logo hats! Thanks for the awesome lunch experience!

Guam Diner website

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