Guam Diner Bytes: The Shack

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

There’s a brand new eatery that recently opened for business on the ocean side of Beach Road directly fronting Oleai Beach Bar & Grill. I’d been following the “buzz” about The Shack on Facebook and knew that there was a lot of interest being generated by this family enterprise, which can be easily summed up as a labor of love.

I stopped by on a Saturday morning and marveled at the simple, rustic beauty of the outdoor wooden deck and the gardenshrouded entranceway with its bright yellow sign. The bamboo shrouded edifice and woven thatch work on either side of the door attests to the attention to detail and work involved and creates that idyllic impression of a shack on a beach.

Inside is a cozy, homey and spacious habitat with tables, chairs, a sofa, more woven thatched wall treatment and bamboo and windows on all sides that seem to have sunlight pouring through! The counter where you place your orders had a fresh-baked carrot cake on display along with locally-harvested pure honey, and saranwrapped banana bread on sale for $1.

A menu board lists the crepe offerings (savory and sweet) as well as espresso beverages, teas, and lemonade. I ordered a cappuccino ($3.50) and The Standard Crepe ($5.99), which has ham, spinach, mozzarella, provolone and tomatoes. This turned out to be one the better tasting crepes I’ve had in some time.

The Shack is owned and operated by the Hunter family, and on that day I was served by Glenn Hunter, with whom I’m acquainted. He introduced me to his mom, Gloria and brother, Randy. Gloria wanted me to try one of her just baked oatmeal cookies (it was delicious - just like mamma makes). I was also talked into trying a slice of Gloria’s just-baked carrot cake ($3.45), which turned out to be a moist carroty slice of heaven!

I then ordered an Americano ($2.99) while checking my messages on my iPad with the WiFi freely available. What a place! The coffee prices are very reasonable and what I had to eat so far was quite good. Glenn asked me if I was going to be here on Tuesday (they are closed on Mondays), since Gloria makes a daily lunch special that has been quite popular. I’ll have to come back and visit during the week when I can have one of Gloria’s weekday creations!

I’m sure glad I found the Shack! Be sure to check it out yourself on your next trip to Saipan!

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