Guam Diner Bytes: Singh's Cafe Kebab & Curry

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

Looking for an affordable spice adventure? You don't have to go far, you can go the the Micronesia Mall's Food Court and visit Singh's Cafe Kebab & Curry. This family-run eatery features a variety of curries and other popular Mediterranean fare including Shawarma Wraps and Bowls that are highly valued by an emerging class of global food aficionados. Singh's Cafe Kebab & Curry is the brainchild of long-time Guam resident Chef Kotwal Singh, who is also a featured recipe contributor to Guamdiner. If Guam has one person whose familiar face has an irrepressible smile matched by non-stop enthusiasm, that person would be Singh. His wife Malti owns this eatery and his son, Sisank, is manning the counter.

Though I had eaten here previously (had the Chef's special, Chicken Tikka Masala $9.95)I needed to return and have a few more dishes. This time I was able to try a variety of curries that are offered. These included the Indian Chicken Curry ($6.95), Thai Chicken Curry (Penang) for $6.95, Lamb Curry ($6.50), Chicken Tikka Bowl ($7.95), Pumpkin Curry ($7.50), and Eggplant Curry ($7.50). The latter two are excellent Vegetarian options and are spiced and seasoned to appeal to anyone's liking. All the curries I ate were sample sizes which were accompanied by Pita bread. Every curry had a slightly different flavor profile. (I didn't' try the Japanese Beef Curry ($6.95) and have heard that it is not the typical Japanese Beef Curry but rather an embellished version with more flavor). All said, each curry dish was quite tasty without being "hot", which concerns some people when the term "spicy" is used. These sauces are "spiced".

Singh's menu also features some specialty items including Curry Fries ($4.95), Kebab Sticks ($1.95), Kid's Meal ($4.95), and for a Limited Time only, a Curry Clam Chowder ($8.50). This is an original item that I'll have try later. He also has Naan bread available, as well as a Chef Salad ($6.95), and a Chicken Salad ($7.50). I did have a Mango Lassi ($4.95) which was good for balancing out the curry spices. Singh uses no MSG in his curry sauces and he makes these all from scratch. It is evident that he has his finger on the pulse of his growing customer base as he endeavors to imagine new curry creations. His pricing and portioning are quite good so you will get your money's worth.

I am glad I was able to finally stop by my friend Singh's family-run eatery as they are making a significant contribution to the island's global cuisine selections.

Bon appetit!

Ken “The Guam Food Guy” Stewart

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