Guam Diner Bytes: Sugarnomics

Guam Diner Bytes: Sugarnomics

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

This visit made me “true” to my word in my promise to return to Sugarnomics for breakfast since my last visit in June 2011! Sugarnomics is the home of the big “whisk” and believe me, they’ll definitely whisk you away with their imaginative culinary creations and fresh baked confections.

They are one of the unique cafe/bakery destinations that started last year and have been continuously evolving and developing their product mix. Aside from fanciful cupcakes, muffins, cookies, designer cakes, sandwiches, tarts, and espresso-based beverages, they sell cake decorating supplies and products. I also learned that they will be starting dinner service soon, expanding from their current breakfast and lunch service.

Co-owned by Pastry Chef Extraordinaire Tess Yao and her husband, Andy Figueroa, Sugarnomics is a dream come true as well as a dream still fulfilling. I feel badly that I’ve not made it a point to return sooner, so that’s why I rushed to do this write-up on their breakfast eats, one of which I’d heard about on Facebook. It is their French Toast w/Maple Syrup ($4.75), which uses homemade challa (egg bread). While I pride myself on my own French Toast made with a multi-grain wheat bread, the difference between mine and theirs is night & day and I like their day better any time. Plus, you better have a local appetite because this is huge! Two slices pile and overflow on the plate leaving a little room for your syrup ramekin. The confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon-spiced egg dip brings flavor that resonates through the entire slice, and these are thick 1-1/2” slices! Absolutely delicious and worth sharing with loved ones and special friends!

The other breakfast item I made it a point to try on this stop was their “BS” Breakfast Sandwich ($6.50), which has two thick strips of bacon, two eggs, cheese, greens (arugula-I think), and garlic mayo served on an oversize pan de sal bun that is sliced and grilled. OMG, this is a truly awesome breakfast sandwich! I was so conflicted since I fell in love with the challa bread French Toast but had to decide on what I could save for later and what was best to eat now. I can tell you that I didn’t realize pan de sal could support all those ingredients (but it did) and it gave the sandwich a special comfort (here’s a new category for comfort food). Love it! A breakfast item I didn’t try was their homemade Honey Fruit Granola ($4.25), but I will soon enough when I return with reinforcements.

I have had their famous Cuban sandwich of slow-roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles and I want to try their Grilled Cheese and Peppered Bacon. BUT, what I really need to have is their BLT, also made on their challa bread. Since their bacon is already thicker than most, I may have met my match at Sugarnomics.

I want to mention the Lunch Specials here to give you a hint of things to come. One was Carne Guisada, a Puerto Rican-style beef stew served with rice & beans, and the other was Sancocho de Pollo, which is a delicious, hearty, rich soup served with toast, and this dish is literally another chicken soup for the soul.

Sugarnomics is open Mon-Thu from 8am-6pm, and 8am-10pm on Fridays. They are open Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm. Can’t wait for my return visit and I most definitely won’t wait a year!

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