Guam Diner Bytes: Tasty Burgers & Ribs

by Ken Stewart
Guam Food Guy

If you are looking for a place to get your burger fill, then you don't have far to go if you are in Garapan near some major hotels . You really have to be on foot to get there so a good landmark is the Furusato Japanese Restaurant that's just across the plaza. This place is just over a month old and they've crafted a concise line-up of sandwiches (not just burgers) that should appeal to most appetites. I didn't have the opportunity to try all of the items on the menu, nor the most popular burger, The Wagyu Burger (8 oz. patty topped with foie gras and cheddar cheese) for $21.00 as they had just sold their last one to a customer (who is featured in one of my photos). This is also their most expensive burger, but judging from the big smile on this gent's face, it is well worth it! The burger I did order was the Crispy Bacon, Avocado, & Monterey Jack ($12.50) which came with French Fries. They actually have color burger charts that show the ingredients and how they are layered. One thing that was not in season was fresh avocado, which would have propelled this sandwich into outer space! Still, the burger was quite "tasty" and had that special brioche bun - a high class bun with high butter and egg content! The portion is good (a 6 oz patty) with fries and a pretty decent cole slaw. They have a Traditional Burger for $9.50, Island Burger (Caramelized fresh pineapple slice with American Cheese) for $10.50, and a Peach & Mango Burger (topped by - you know what - and cheddar cheese) for $11.50. A Grilled Ham & Cheese is a deal for $8.50, and if you want a New York Hot Dog, it'll cost you $9.50. Their most unusual sandwich sounds more like a dessert! It is a Hot Ice Cream Panini Sandwich ($6.50)!

For this visit, my real highlight was the other part of this eatery's name, the Baby Back Ribs (Barbecued Pork ribs or apple cinnamon marinated) with corn on the cob for $11.50. I went for just the bbq and skipped the sweet stuff. The portion was fairly large for the price, however the taste and texture of these ribs made the difference. These were well prepared and made this my favorite item for the visit...on my next visit I want to get that Wagyu, which may be difficult since I hear it's becoming quite the sensation! Kudos to the Fiesta Resort & Spa for this innovative outpost in a well-traveled walkway for tourists and locals.

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