Guam Diner Bytes: Terry’s Local Comfort Food

Guam Diner Bytes: Terry’s Local Comfort Food

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy
You’ve no doubt heard the mantra, “Go Local, Go Green.” Well, it doesn’t get more local than the home-style good taste of the many dishes served at Terry’s Local Comfort Food in Yigo, which serves lunch Monday-Saturday from 10am- 3pm.

I was up at the Dededo Recycling Center tossing my accumulation of glass bottles when I decided to drive up to Yigo and see what all the “word of mouth” raves were about. Once inside and seated in this small, quaint eatery, I saw several tables of lunch patrons chatting and eating up a storm. As a matter of fact, a table with five guys had just received their order of Fried Parrotfish (on special that day). Now that was a convincing sight. I went up to the order counter and read from a large menu on the wall above the kitchen window.

I decided on the Kadon Pika (chopped chicken in local stock) for $7.25 and the Fiesta Plate ($8.50), which has Fried or BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Chicken Kelaguen, Pancit, Shrimp Patty and Red Rice. Soup or Salad is an additional $1. I had a bowl of Arroz Caldo, which was thick, rich, and tasty. I added some Tabasco to spice it up some more.

When my Kadon Pika arrived, I liked the rich golden color of the thick broth along with the sliced green onion. I spooned some on top of the steamed white rice along with a piece of chicken and tasted it. It was much different than what I’ve had before, but quite good. The flavor was rich and well-constructed, yet didn’t have the pika kick I’d had before. You can add donne if you need more power. In fact, I did!

The Fiesta Plate’s Chicken Kelaguen was filled with peppers and I dropped a few in my Kadon Pika. These were especially hot peppers, so be careful if you’re not a seasoned pepper eater. I had some of the chicken, pancit and red rice, and ate part of a rib. It was all very good and I’m glad they served an extra large portion of kelaguen.

It was about this time that I met Terry’s owner, Tessie Bordallo (daughter of Terry Sablan, the same Terry that is the namesake for the outlet in Chamorro Village). This energetic and gracious young lady is proud of her little neighborhood eatery and welcomes everyone there as if they were family. In fact, there are a lot of extended family members eating there alongside friends. There’s a strong sense and respect for family tradition at Terry’s, and every piece of art on the walls has a story to tell and some link to her family lineage.

Terry wanted me to save some room to try a couple other popular menu items: their Funnel Cake ($5) and Terry’s Cheeseburger with Fries ($9). I was glad to have obliging neighbors who started on the funnel cake. This is a local version of a carnival/fair confection that you should eat on special occasions or maybe not at all depending on your health! It’s like a deep-fried waffle with sugar and cinnamon, and you dip the crunchy pieces in the accompanying syrup. I hadn’t had Funnel Cake in years!

Terry’s Cheeseburger is a seasoned handmade patty using the restaurant’s secret ingredients. It is one of their special features because people on this island enjoy a love affair with burgers, most of it owing to Cool Spot and A&W, I’m sure.    The buns are toasted and the tomatoes are good!

My personal feeling is that I would spend my time eating my way through Terry’s local food items before I went for the burger! I see myself returning one of these days for some more serious eating.

A bright spot on the horizon is the planned November opening of PROA Restaurant in Hagatna, the second outlet carrying the name. This will be a much larger facility for PROA, which is taking over T.G.I. Friday’s location adjacent to Skinner Plaza. The new PROA will have a full service bar, deli and pastry area, and plenty of seating for those families that “roll deep.”

We’re excited about this new development and hope you are too. We’ll keep you posted on its progress.

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