Guam Diner Bytes: Toh-Lee Chinese Buffet (Hotel Nikko Guam)

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Diner

Toh-Lee Chinese Restaurant boasts the most spectacular panoramic view of Tumon Bay of all the existing restaurants in Tumon. It’s all about the location of this restaurant. It is on the 16th floor of a hotel that is perched on the northern most tip of the Tumon, so that from this view everything else in Tumon is south, and for most purposes, far below.

It is an edifying and dreamy experience sitting at a table adjacent to the full wall window that overlooks the glistening azure bay below. Sitting here sipping hot tea, you will be entranced by the continuous waves rolling in from the Philippine Sea. Toh-Lee is definitely a break from the normal humdrum routines of daily life! It’s ideal for a business meeting or rendezvous with friends. It is the perfect place for a romantic lunch getaway.

The tables are draped in crisp white tablecloths befitting formal Chinese fine dining etiquette. Toh-Lee offers an all-you-can-eat weekly lunch buffet featuring specialty Chinese cuisine favorites. I like to make “congee,” which is a rice porridge, to which you can add garnishes such a thousand year old egg, cilantro, shrimp, chili paste, and fried garlic. There is a modest dimsum selection available, which can feature shumai or hargau. Dimsum is such a pleasure to eat. You can make your own dipping sauce with vinegar, chili oil, soy sauce and even Chinese hot mustard or chili paste. It’s all made to your own preference.

The buffet line has chafing dishes filled with seafood chopsuey, fried chicken with orange sauce, chili shrimp with bok choy, gyoza dumplings, crispy noodles and vegetables, fried rice, kang kong, Egg Fu Yung, and sauteed vegetables. These entrees will change each week so come back again for a different dining experience. Desserts include sesame balls, fresh fruit and almond jelly fruit cocktails.

You can also enjoy Toh-Lee’s magnificent view on Saturday and Sunday, when Toh-Lee offers all-you-can-eat-dimsum” for $32 (adult) and $18 (child). This meal includes an appetizer, soup, and a main dish, with over 60 food selections! That’s a lot of dimsum! Come and enjoy Guam’s most elevating dining experience, where you can eat at the top of the island!

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