Guam Diner Bytes: VIP House Chinese Restaurant

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

VIP House Chinese Restaurant has opened a smaller version of its larger Tumon location (VIP House Seafood Chinese Restaurant) in one of Dededo’s busiest spots – next to American Grocery. The good thing for consumers is that the prices are reasonable and the food is both tasty and fresh with generous portions. They do have fast food (1-2-3 choice options for lunch, but you can order a la carte).

We went for dinner one night and were greeted warmly by Mrs. Chiu who recognized me. They have new staff who are still learning the business so don’t try to be too demanding. I asked for Hot Green Tea and got a glass of hot water with a tea bag (just sayin’).

We ordered the vegetable spring roll (3 pcs/vegetable), vegetable chao mein ($8), yang chow fried rice ($7), sautéed Chinese broccoli with garlic ($8), and the kung pao chicken ($8). The food began to come out quickly after a few minutes passed. There were other customers and it seemed that each table was getting food delivered.

The spring rolls were crisp and nearly greaseless. I was surprised by how good they tasted. The vegetable chao mein was hot and fresh out of the wok! Not a lot of vegetables other than cabbage and carrots, but still tasty nonetheless. The fried rice was another surprise. The photo doesn’t do this dish much justice as it seems smaller. This is enough rice for four people! It was light and fluffy and fresh, and the shrimp I had were plump. One of the better fried rice dishes I’ve had in some time.

The Chinese broccoli was as good as it gets and also filled the platter. I could hear the giant jet wok in the kitchen roaring like a 757 so I knew there was a chef in the kitchen making some magic because the food was flowing out!

There was a slight delay in my kung pao chicken as the server may have forgotten to list it on our order. It didn’t take any more than a few minutes for it to be delivered piping hot. This was my favorite dish of all since it had that spicy Sichuan sauce, lots of chicken, red bell pepper, peanuts, and would you believe zucchini? This was wok cooked perfectly. There was plenty left over and I was able to make a 2nd meal out of this dish and the fried rice.

VIP’s menu is still a “soft opening” menu with limited selections. I will have to return for the roast duck, salt & pepper shrimp, Shanghai Steak, and Ma Po Tofu. Maybe they’ll serve my hot tea in a tea pot!

Bon Appetit!

Ken “The Guam Food Guy” Stewart

(The – and the Stripes Guam – staff would like to wish Ken a Happy Birthday!)

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