Guam Dinner Bytes: House of Brutus-a burger to remember

Guam Dinner Bytes: House of Brutus-a burger to remember

by Ken Stewart
Guam Food Guy
It was a late lunch and I had actually planned on getting a bowl of Pho but discovered that Pho had since closed and I wasn't in the mood for Thai. So I walked next door to the House of Brutus and decided to have a burger. But which one?
The menu had just been revised that day and it looked more streamlined. They seemed to have dropped some things. The Burger I seemed to like most was the Inn&Out for $8.00. It had a grilled beef patty with lettuce, tomato, chopped grilled onions and secret sauce. You can add cheese for $1.00 (which I did).
I asked Chef Paula Burce if they would be able to add bacon to this burger, which they did for $2.00. All their burgers are made fresh in-house.
When this burger creation came out and was placed in front of me, I just marveled at was classically layered and not gargantuan, but it looked substantial. I took the first bite (had to unhinge my jaws a bit). WOW! The char-grilled flavor permeated and mixed with the juices in the beef and the secret sauce just oozed out onto my fingers and I bit again...then again...I was unable to put the burger down! It was that good! I remember telling my server later that the burger was so delicious that I could taste the lettuce!!
The best thing about this burger is that it didn't leave me feeling stuffed. Wonderful job, again, Chef Paula! I may get ambitious and try the double for $6.00 more!

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