Guam's Best Burgers: Sumay Pub and Grill

by Joel Kanda
The Guam Guide

The Homemade Sumay Burger has been called the #1 burger on Guam. And at first bite, I knew instantly why. Immediately, I’m hit with a slight sweetness coming from their secret sauce which soon after marries with the savoriness of the patty as well as the bacon and I experience what many have called the “Makes-Your-Tongue-Smack-The-Back-Of-Your-Head” sensation. The patty and bun are equally sized so that everything holds together perfectly. The patty is juicy without being greasy. I am amazed at how much flavor they were able to pack into such a simple burger. I love it when I’m pleasantly surprised and from the first bite to the last, I was spell-bound.

Sumay Pub and Grill is located outside the Naval Base off of Route 1 on the outskirts of the village of Santa Rita.

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