Hafa Adai Cafe

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

For a number of years loyal customers have been flocking to Hafa Adai Cafe in the mornings and especially on Saturdays for their favorite breakfast items (local/American, Chinese, Chamoru). In early March this year, Hafa Adai Cafe underwent a major renovation and expanded their service hours to include dinners during the weeknights(and Saturday) as well as breakfast and lunch on Sundays. This is welcome news for so many customers and now by word of mouth they have been increasing their customer base.

We stopped by Hafa Adai Cafe the other night and talked to owners Bill and Joey Hon. They are very happy with how the renovation has transformed the ambiance and atmosphere of their restaurant. The color schemes of the interior walls and comfortable new booths, tables and chairs give this place a new sophistication that's also quite relaxing (it makes it harder to leave). There is a Large Flat Screen TV with a split screen that shows sports or news on one side and the other side plays an advertorial for appealing food selections! Another important thing you will notice is how CLEAN everything is kept! It's not something you'd expect in a restaurant but there is no odor from cooking or the kitchen.

They have maintained the same popular favorites (you can order anything on the menu anytime during opening hours). It was dinner time for us and I wanted a salad (Green Salad - $4.95, with Ranch Dressing). The salad was freshly made with greens, cherry tomatoes, and red cabbage. The other item I had to have was the Deep Fried Half Chicken ($7.95), to which I added Garlic Rice for an additional $1.00.

Zee had ordered the Tofu Salad ($6.95), which looked like my salad but was filled with deep fried tofu. She had the Thousand Island Dressing and enjoyed her dish.

My chicken was perfectly cooked and had crispy outer skin. I would take pieces and dip them in the finadene sauce. I guess you could ask to have it chopped into smaller pieces.

I wanted to order one more dish for diversity and to try out and take the rest home. It was the Pork Rib Hot Pot Rice ($8.95). This came in a covered crock, and once the lid was removed, you had a large bowl of rice topped by a thick brown gravy with chunks of Pork Rib and broccoli spears. This came with a dipping sauce, as well. The pork was tender and had bones (be careful when biting). I am used to another kind of hot pot without rice, but with lots of broth for dipping, like a shabu shabu.

If you have not yet been to Hafa adai Cafe, make it a point to drop by. Mornings are best for parking since their neighboring restaurants, Sakura's Kitchen and Zozo's are not yet open. At dinner time, you may not find parking in front of Hafa Adai, however, you can park in the adjacent building's parking area. When it comes to good tasting, affordable food that will satisfy your many cravings, you can get your fill at Hafa Adai Cafe. Take out is available too!

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