Lounge makes great 'point' with tasty grub

by Ken Stuart
The Guam Food Guy

Over the years I’ve had many occasions to visit The Point lobby lounge at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort for a meeting where I had a Starbuck’s coffee drink or a glass of wine, however, it wasn’t until recently that I finally got the “point” of The Point, and it had to do with some compellingly good eats.

At The Point, you will be treated to an incomparable sunset that will mesmerize you will sipping on a premium wine or a tropical cocktail. The plush ambiance of The Point also boasts a stateliness due to the high ceiling and architectural embellishments around a spacious room with wine rack display walls.

Nothing subtle about a premium bottle of wine awaiting your selection. There’s no doubt the concept at The Point is to impress above and beyond the magnificent garden view, infinity pool, and breathtaking azure sea spanning the horizon. While sitting for hours during lunch I realized I could sit for hours here and lose track of time!

So here I was, sipping on my Starbuck’s Iced Double Mocha gazing at some lucky visitors wading in the infinity pool. They were having fun in the sun and I was fully dressed wishing I wasn’t! My table was right on the window and I was just about to jump up and run outside to the pool when my lunch order arrived!

I had ordered the Laguna Club Sandwich ($12.50) with bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato, and fried egg. It wasn’t just a sandwich – it was plated art, a sculpture made of toasted bread, sliced cucumbers, onion, and tomato, buttressed by a pile of golden brown steakhouse fries. WOW! Someone went to sandwich school!

I freed the frilled toothpick holding the massive sandwich half together so I could take a bite. This was a remarkably great club sandwich. Moreover, the chicken thigh pieces were baked, well-seasoned, and juicy and not the usual thin-slices of chicken you get in a club. Even the mayo (which I usually hold) played a role in making this a sinfully satisfying sandwich that I should have shared with someone else but was compelled to eat on my own!

I also discovered that The Point’s impressive menu features healthy organic dining choices including a veggie sandwich, chicken wrap, and salmon Caesar sandwich along with a selection of refreshing natural fruit juices that are good for the body. What I didn’t tell you was that I was nearly at the same spot a few nights before listening to the mellow performance of a musician singing old standards while playing the piano. It was that night that I was sampling The Point’s menu along with a companion.

We started out with the barbecue chicken wings ($13) marinated with barbecue sauce and served with steamed white rice. These are also a little pika (spicy hot, but in a good way). I’m not a big fan of fried spring rolls ($8.50), but these were not bad. They were crisp and crunchy and went well with the sweet chili dipping sauce.

While my companion went for the beef tenderloin ($35) served with red wine sauce, steakhouse fries and seasonal vegetables, I ordered something I’d been hearing about from the staff and other customers at The Point – the Sheraton Laguna Burger ($15.50), made with a 100 percent pure beef burger on a toasted sesame bun, with tomato, onion and 2 slices of cheddar cheese. I was told that it was their most popular sandwich and had been ordered repeatedly by returning customers. I could see why.

The onions had marvelous grill lines from laying on the char-broiler, and the melted cheddar blanketed that thick juicy burger patty. I stacked it together and cut it in half. It was a burger worth remembering. We call it a two-hander. Writing about it now after the time has passed has made me hungry for this same sandwich again! Anyone want to join me? I got The Point, so can you! Come to The Point lobby lounge for a relaxing, appetizing and satisfying stay. In Tamuning, Call 646-2222.

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