The magic of Micronesia: Hilton Tropics Barbecue

The magic of Micronesia: Hilton Tropics Barbecue

by Ayaka Yamaguchi
The Guam Guide

Dynamic, serious performances inspire audiences with spiritual Polynesian storytelling

The Red Trolley makes Hilton Guam Resort and Spa accessible in 10 minutes or less from any Tumon hotel. You’ll feel like a celebrity when dining at this 5-star resort.

The poolside Tree Bar is packed every night with an international crowd. The buffet line reminds me of a Hawaiian luau. Enjoy the buffet style dinner with the ocean breeze and the sounds of many dialects in the background. You will feel ever bit of your tropical island vacation in this venue before the show even begins.

Musicians on the left of the stage start the show by playing rare instruments like a “Toele,” a Polynesian drum with a high sound. Uniquely-shaped ukuleles rarely seen are also played. The costumes are memorable, with colorful costume changes occurring at every new song. The highlight of the show is that you can intimately experience the Polynesian culture.

Storytelling is very evident in this show. For example, a knife dance shows the utility of the instrument, but also the beauty in dance. Coconut carving is shared with kids after it is grated live on stage. Polynesian cultures have long used coconut gratings for food with the shell being used as a dish. Experience ancient lifestyles through dance. The couple dance shows how older generations expressed their love for each other.

You can’t help being captivated by this show even before the fire dance starts. The open space invites a cool breeze during a hot fire performance.

The fire dancers control the fire as if by remote, being so skilled that they make it look effortless. The fire dance sticks can be used in a variety of ways. Even a hooked iron knife is lit and wielded skillfully as two knives are linked together to form a large burning ring. Your pulse will quicken at first sight, but don’t worry as these dancers are incredibly skilled.

The night ends with audience participation, which is both funny and educational as the Toele is explained. See true Polynesian culture and heritage at this hot show.

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