The magic of Micronesia: Pacific Fantasies Dinner Show

The magic of Micronesia: Pacific Fantasies Dinner Show

by Ayaka Yamaguchi
The Guam Guide

Classy Chamorro cultural dance show with larger-than-life visuals

Pacific Islands Club (PIC) is full of fun activities like slides, large kids pools, and lots of things to do for the family. The show follows form as a full theatre production.

Guam is part of Micronesia so this show focuses on authentic Chamorro dancing. Don’t be alarmed when dancers enter the audience to shake hands with nearly everyone. I felt honored to shake their hands before the show even started.

After the show starts, you may be surprised at how young the dancers are – some as young as 15 to 20. Both Chamorro and Polynesian culture are important to the owner of the dance group, who sees a bright professional future for his dancers. The large scale drama unfolds atop cliffs surrounded by water with dancers carrying large torches. A river carries the dancers who float atop a wooden raft.

The dancing on the massive stage accompanied by music is an awe-inspiring, over-the-top experience. You may even tear up. Mauri dance, which originates in New Zealand, is replicated both in performance and costume during the show. When the New Zealand football team wins they do the Kamate dance.

This dance with poi balls (sans fire) is culturally significant as a female dance. The large shell called a crown shell adds to the tropical mood and makes the whole evening feel like a step back in time.

The highlight you won’t want to miss is the biggest fire dance show on the island. All members of the troupe enter the stage for the final fire dance. This alone is worth the price of admission. The fire cuts the air audibly and you sense its heat. The audience was speechless at this point. Huge rings of fire in this grand setting and quality Chamorro dance makes this a must-see on Guam.

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