Meskla Dos (2.0) Tumon New Location

Meskla Dos (2.0) Tumon New Location

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy
I was finally able to stop by the new Meskla Dos (2.0) down in Tumon across the street from the Guam Reef Hotel & Westin Resort Guam. It was a late lunch (3:30) but they were open for business. I'd only seen this place from outside while driving by and had found parking on the side in the spaces shared by their neighbor Rotary Sushi. This is a brand new restaurant and everything is shiny and new in the kitchen! The dining area is really comfortable and inviting, with tables lined up along the large glass windows with views looking out towards the Outrigger and Hyatt. There is also outdoor dining available. I walked by one table and decided the aircon was a bit too cold for me.
There are a variety of drink options available, including American classics and some imported (Dos Equis, Modelo, Asahi, and more!) as well as Guam's own Guam Beer! There are a few trophies on the counter too from the recent GVB Block Party BBQ Competition.
I didn't think I'd be able to eat the Magalahi 1 lb. burger today on my own, so I thought I'd eat something more reasonable size-wise, and settled on the "Kuetes" Cheese Burger ($9.25 ) with a bacon add-on for $1.50. I also ordered an IBC Root Beer. The server at the counter, Kaelyn didn't know who I was but that cover was soon blown when Chef Rhett Villanueva showed up. He's one of the original Meskla Dos Kitchen Managers and has rejoined owner Chef Peter Duenas in what promises to be an even more successful Burger haven!
The Kuetes Burger is an 8 oz. patty grilled to order with a slice of cheese and served with Meskla's special boonie pepper firecracker sauce. I had the sesame seed bun although I prefer the Basil Bun for taste! I did have onion rings, which are among some of the best (what do you expect - they are brand new Vulcan fryers!) You may have noticed my asterisk for the letters "DGB", which is an abbreviation for "Darned Good Burger" (only I didn't mean "darned," but have to be PC)! That is exactly what you get with any of Meskla's burgers! There is lettuce, mayo, tomato, and onions inside of this bad boy and once I grabbed hold of it and had my first bite, I couldn't put it down! I even carried it up to the counter and told Chef Rhett that I had a problem! He looked at me and I said my problem was that I couldn't put it down!!
Just looking at this burger while eating it really tells the story about how all the ingredients work in concert to give you the ultimate burger experience! Yes, this is messy eating and we love this delectable mess. For those who know burgers, the best burgers are the messiest!
I talked to a Japanese family with kids about the burgers they ate and they all had big smiles and put two thumbs up! That's kind of what we all experience after eating at Meskla Dos! Congrats Chef Peter Duenas and the Meskla Dos team on another exceptional job well done!

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