Thai Noodle Cuisine

by Ken Stewart
The Guam Food Guy

One of the newer Thai restaurants to open in Tumon is Thai Noodle Cuisine, now open for just over 4 months. I'd been meaning to stop by sooner and I'm glad we finally did. Ideally located in the busy Park Arcade across from the Hyatt Regency, Thai Noodle Cuisine is clean with comfortable seating in a well air-conditioned dining room. The decor gives tribute to Thailand, with official portraits of the King and Queen of Thailand, along with some appetizing food posters, artwork, a large elephant painting and what I thought was most notable, a beautiful parade of carved elephants displayed on a wall shelf.

There is a large screen TV that should have Thai videos and music but doesn't, so it kind of detracts from the Thai ambiance (local news?). However, we are not here to watch TV, we are here to EAT!

Our exuberant server, Ning, has a wonderful service personality and knows the menu as well as what to recommend. The spiciness range is 1-10, and we ended up about medium (5) for our Thai dishes. The menu has photos of all the food served. Zee had a Thai Tea and I enjoyed a Singha.

We ordered Fresh Lumpia ($9) as an appetizer. You get 4 thick rolls (the menu photo shows 6 pieces). These also have chicken inside, so if you want vegan, you need to mention that. You also need to mention that you don't want any MSG in your dishes.

I was surprised to see that they had Deep Fried Tofu ($10) as an appetizer, along with other " fried" things like Calamari, Shrimp, Chicken, Wings, Lumpia, and Wonton. The lumpia were pretty good and the tasty peanut dipping sauce went quickly!

Our next dish was Combination Penang ($14), which had shrimp and chicken in a savory penang sauce that had just enough heat to bring a little sweat to your brow. The portion was more than adequate and it tasted good enough to order again.

We then had our Pad Siew Chicken ($10), which came out wok-fresh with broccoli buds and bits of chili (it was #5). It was also quite good and the portion was larger than many we've had. There was also plenty of chicken and I liked that some of the wide flat noodles had a little char on their edges. Another tasty dish I could recommend.

The dishes we'd ordered had been delivered and we were enjoying them, however I wanted at least one more dish and asked Ning to order one of my favorite Thai dishes, the Pad Ka Pao Moo ($10 - Pork) with egg on top. She then brought out some Nam Pla Prik (spicy condiment sauce with chilies and fish sauce). Putting this on the Pad Ka Pao Moo truly enhanced the taste of this already delicious dish.

We enjoyed our dinner at Thai Noodle Cuisine and will probably come back to try some of the other Thai dishes.

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