Meet Team Andersen beyond the mission!

Meet Team Andersen beyond the mission!

36th Wing Public Affairs

“Different people, different cultures and different atmospheres are what I appreciate the most about growing up as a military brat. Getting to experience such diversity as a child made me well rounded and educated about all walks of life. I saw everywhere, from Japan to Washington, to what I claim as home, Louisiana. My favorite part of the experience was all of the different foods I got to try.

I come from a long line of military service in my family. My grandad served in WWII as an Army soldier, my father served 24 years in the Air Force as a Security Forces defender and my older brother is currently serving alongside me today in the Air Force.

From a very young age, I remember being so fascinated with the sounds, smells and sights that an air show brings. I went to every air show at every base I’ve been to. You could say I’m a huge fan of aircraft and now I can name just about any plane in the sky.

Serving my country is always something I wanted to be a part of growing up. I was raised in a structured and well-rounded household. The military just seemed to be the perfect fit for me.”

Airman 1st Class Andre’ Basker, cable antenna maintenance technician assigned to the 36th Wing Communications Squadron, AAFB, Guam.

Meeting Team Andersen beyond the mission will be an ongoing series to show the person behind the uniform.

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