Paul T. Delossantos

by Seaman Alana Langdon
USS Frank Cable (AS 40)

A bold, black 2017 is written atop a matte-green notebook, normally found in the hands of Personnel Specialist 2nd Class John Paul T. Delossantos. The inner pages are a conglomerate of bright colors from profuse use of highlighters, months of sticky notes and so much writing, ink stains pages from top to bottom, spelling endless taskings and to-do lists. A shiny Petty Officer 1st Class crow is pressed firmly into the lower-right of the green book’s sturdy cover.

Delossantos, born in Manila and assigned to the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40), spends most of his working hours at a desk. Personnel Specialists are responsible for military member’s entitlements, travel, service records and providing advice regarding everything from education and promotion, to answering why a Sailor might not have been paid on time.

Petty Officer Delossantos, like all Sailors, must maintain Navy fitness standards, positively influence his community, make time for loved ones and progress in personal and, or, spiritual goals, while managing both his work week and twenty-four hour duty days.

“We all talk about prioritizing,” said Delossantos. “We have to prioritize needs and wants. Ask ourselves, what needs to be done? I always carry this little green book. I write down everything that needs to be done, small or big. Every day I look through my book and evaluate everything and prioritize my daily tasks. I have to balance work, exercise, play time and worship, but I’m always a Sailor first.”

The submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) announced Delossantos as the command’s Junior Sailor of the Year for 2017, Nov. 1.

“I failed before,” said Delossantos. “I set a goal to be JSOY last year, but I fell short because I wasn’t doing things outside my job and contributing beyond my department.”

The SOY program, first established in 1972 by the CNO, recognizes Sailors who represent the best of the Navy demonstrating superior leadership, initiative, adaptability, military bearing and volunteerism in their personal and professional lives.

“I am aware that I am capable of achieving what I am willing to work for,” said Delossantos. “I set goals for exercise and work. I believe exercise plays a big role to my success. Being physically fit is essential for Sailors and a healthy body is a healthy mind.”

Delossantos set a goal to bike from Seattle to Portland, Ore., in 2017. He achieved the nearly 200-mile bike ride with the support of his mentor, Chief Logistics Specialist Krizgeorge F. Gonzales, assigned to Frank Cable’s Supply Division in Guam, and friends.

“I believe if we commit to pushing our personal lives beyond barriers, it carries over to everything we do, like work,” said Delossantos. “For my career I have mentors I go to for constructive criticism to push, motivate and inspire me. I read a lot of self-help books and my belief is always in Jesus; I pray for myself and those around me. I’m also motivated to make my family proud.”

Since his award as Frank Cable’s 2017 JSOY, Delossantos wants to support and inspire his teammates in Frank Cable’s Personnel Department and continue chasing his goal to be a commissioned officer.

“You know when someone invests their time into you?” asked Delossantos. “Gonzales took the time since we first met to share knowledge and his life experiences with me. That means a lot to me, so I did my best to implement his teachings. His guidance resulted in many successes with my Navy career.”

Delossantos enlisted in the Navy in 2014, after graduating high school and discussing career options with his father, a retired Airman.

“There were tough times,” said Delossantos. “When we work hard, we’re bound to have tough times. Success is about perseverance, prioritizing and remembering those who care for you, mentors and family.”

Frank Cable, currently in Portland, Ore. for her dry-dock phase maintenance availability, conducts maintenance and supports submarines and surface vessels deployed to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

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PORTLAND, Ore. (Dec 5, 2017) – Personnel Specialist 2nd Class John Paul T. Delossantos, the submarine tender USS Frank Cable's (AS 40) Junior Sailor of the Year, from Manila, Republic of the Philippines, reads through his secret weapon to prioritizing and balancing his work flow, while in the ship's studio, Dec. 5. Frank Cable is currently completing a dry-dock phase maintenance availability. The ship will get underway soon for sea trials, which constitutes the final determination of a ship’s ability to re-join the fleet as an operational unit to conduct maintenance and support submarines and surface vessels deployed to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alana Langdon/Released)

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