A deep dive into Guam's incredible water sports

A deep dive into Guam's incredible water sports

by Guam Visitors Bureau
Guam Visitors Bureau

With its warm waters, balmy breezes and perfect weather, Guam’s waters offer the perfect environment for activities ranging from surfing to sport fishing, parasailing and even thrilling jet skiing.


Fishing is as popular now as it was in the old days, when Guam’s ancestors were fishing for a living. Through cultural tours, visitors to Guam can learn all about the various types of net fishing such as the throw net or gill net. Those who prefer a more hands-on experience can do trolling or bottom fishing, available from an array of fishing companies. Guam’s charters offer yearlong sea game of mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo and sailfish within minutes after leaving the dock. Customers need only arrive with a towel, some sunblock and the faith that they will strike. Join boat captains who are familiar with Guam’s waters and know exactly where the fish are biting. Learn more about the mechanics of fishing, Guam’s sea conditions, and the nature of the fish that live in our waters.

Many boat charters offer a choice or combination of fishing, historical sightseeing, dolphin watching and more.

Scuba diving

With vibrant reef systems, fascinating marine life and historical shipwrecks, Guam’s exceptional oceanic diversity thrills divers every time they go beneath the waves. There are over 1,000 fish species, 500 coral species, and more than 100 dive sites in the warm turquoise waters surrounding Guam, including unique sites such as the SMS Cormoran and Tokai Mauru shipwrecks—the only place in the world where divers can touch shipwrecks from two different World Wars at the same time.

As a premier diving destination, Guam is one of few places that offers ease of travel, hotel and restaurant variety, and convenient scuba training and certification opportunities. Scuba dive training in Guam is among the most advanced and readily available of anywhere in the Pacific.


Don’t worry, there is no need for diving equipment to have a great time in Guam’s tranquil waters. The beautiful underwater gardens of Guam provide great snorkeling areas for those in search of an unforgettable adventure. Numerous snorkeling areas around the island are sites of colorful and diverse aquatic life in Guam’s cool and refreshing waters.

Popular snorkeling spots include Gun Beach, Ypao Beach, and the Spanish Steps to name a small few. Gun Beach is a beach paradise in Northern Guam and is home to one of Guam’s prettiest beaches. The serene waters make for safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience. Ypao Beach is located at the southern end of Tumon Bay and is one of Guam’s marine reserves. This natural aquarium is a spot to enjoy the multitude of colorful fish and coral gardens.

The Spanish Steps is a beach site that is considered one of the more breathtaking snorkeling spots on island. Over-arching cliffs and a beautiful view of the vast Pacific Ocean surrounds the picturesque and shallow waters. There are dozens more snorkeling sites to choose from dispersed throughout the scenic island of Guam.

Snorkeling in Guam’s waters is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is not only an adventure, but each spot is accessible free-of-charge. Have a great time and save your cash for many of the other fun and exciting island experiences available to you.


Aqua Academy
Phone: (671) 649-5557
URL: www.aqua-academy.com/

Axe Murderer Tours Guam
Phone: 989-4401
URL: www.amtguamdiveshop.com

Blue Ocean Sports Guam, Inc.
Phone: (671) 648-5318

Micronesian Divers Association, Inc.
Phone: (671) 472-6324
URL: www.mdaguam.com

Guam Paul’s Diving
Phone: (671) 649-6482
URL: www.paulsdiving.com

Guam Tropical Dive Station
Phone: (671) 648-4840
URL: www.gtds.com

JNS Divers
Phone: 747-7426
URL: www.facebook.com/jnsdiversguam

Go Dive Guam
Phone: (671) 689-8248
URL: www.godiveguam.com

Coral Dive
Phone: 477-3484
URL: www.coraldive.com

Oceans Guam
Phone: (671) 648-5318

Rainbow Dolphin & Diving
Phone: (671) 646-6743
URL: www.guamrainbow.com

Real World Diving
Phone: 646-8903
URL: http://www.djv.jp/

S2 Club Guam
Phone: (671) 688-1163
URL: www.s2club.net/guam

Scuba Company Marine Sports
Phone: (671) 649-3369
URL: www.scubaco.com

Phone: 647-9090

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