Enjoy Naval Base Guam's fabulous Gab Gab Beach


Enjoy Naval Base Guam's fabulous Gab Gab Beach

by: Mike Thornton | .
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published: November 10, 2017

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Gab Gab Beach, or Fab Gab as we like to call it, is truly a hidden gem and easily our family’s regular go-to place for no-frills low-cost weekend fun.

Great for picnics, birthday parties, unit gatherings, hail & farewells, snorkeling, swimming, diving, sand volleyball, SUP’ing and all sorts of water play. The beach umbrellas and grill grates can be rented for a meager amount, and camping is allowed by reservation with the Outdoor Recreation Center. There is something for everyone.

Gab Gab is located on Naval Base Guam, so you’ll need base access to get to it, its also one of the most popular shore dives on Guam, and any given day of the week you’re likely to find divers exiting or readying to enter the water via the easy stairs next to the “3-sided pool."

If you get there early enough, make a leisure surface swim due North out to the Atlantis Submarine Tender buoy, and drop down on the plateau reef at about 50’, known as Gab Gab II, where baited buckets attract the fish for the viewing pleasure of the underwater tourists. You’re almost guaranteed to get an up close view of the docile Nurse Sharks, large schooling fish, and possibly a moray eel in the artificial reef ball. Also look out for anemones teeming with clown fish at various locations on the reef.

Steer clear of the submarine while diving, but be sure and give a wave to all the tourists peering out the portholes.

It’s also a beginner snorkeler’s paradise. Enter the water via the stairs and your only yards from colorful coral, sloping reefs, an abundance of fish and there is always a greater than average chance of seeing a turtle along the reef edge. Note, no forms of fishing or collection of marine life (live or dead) is permitted at Gab Gab.

Bathrooms are provided, and outdoor showers are just steps away from the water stairs - convenient for divers and snorkelers exiting the water to rinse their gear and themselves. During your surface interval enjoy some beach volleyball, relaxing under the umbrellas, barbecuing in the poolside grills.

Enjoy Fabulous Gab Gab, but be sure and clean up after yourselves when you leave.

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