Enjoying Talofofo, Guam's beautiful, historical spots

Enjoying Talofofo, Guam's beautiful, historical spots

by Tennille Bueno
Stripes Guam

The village of Talofofo is located along the island’s southeastern section of Route 4. Rich in history and beauty, the Talofofo area offers many attractions and unique points of interest to discover.

For those looking for an outdoor adventure, a series of caves called Talofofo Caves can be found in the cliffs not far from the village center. There are a total of five caves to explore. The caves are known to have artifacts and pictographs of ancient Chamorros.

Perhaps the most well-known destination in Talofofo is Jeff’s Pirate Cove. Since 1979, the restaurant and bar has been owned by Jeff Pleadwell and has become a popular stop for locals and tourists. Enjoy great food with an open air view of the ocean.

The Cove’s recreational grounds have hosted numerous music concerts as well as arts and craft fairs. The establishment also features a gift shop and museum.

Located a short distance south of Jeff’s Pirate Cove is the scenic Talofofo Bay and Talofofo Beach Park. The dark sand beaches make it an ideal spot for picnics and barbecues. The bay waters are popular spots for surfing and body boarding. Swimming is permitted, but one should exercise caution as the waters can get choppy and rough.

From the bay, you can head up the Talofofo River for a scenic boat tour. The Adventure River Cruise offers guided tours exploring the jungle along the banks of the Talofofo and Ugam Rivers. Visit the site of an ancient Chamorro village and remnants of historic latte stones.

A short walk from the village leads to nearby caves for exploring. The tour ends with cultural demonstrations including weaving and fire making. Tickets for the river cruise are available through MWR and 36th Services for $25 for adults and $15 for children. The tour can accommodate large groups and field trips as well.

A bit further south, discover Talofofo Falls Park. To reach the falls, visitors ride a cable car down and capture views of the waterfall cascades along the way. A guided path leads you down to the lower falls.

Continue around to the other side by crossing the suspension bridge to enjoy an all-around view. Stop in the Historical Museum to see murals and display cases depicting scenes from Guam’s history.

One interesting attraction found within the grounds of the park is the replica of Sergeant Soichi Yokoi’s cave. Yokoi was a Japanese soldier who hid in the jungles of Talofofo following the end of World War II. He was able to survive in the jungle by building a small cave in the ground for shelter. Not knowing the war had ended, he lived there for 28 years until he was discovered by locals in 1972.

The admission to Talofofo Falls Park is $20 for adults and $7 for children ages 4 to 12. There is no military discount available. However, the park is certainly something unique and different to experience.

Filled with history, culture and stunning scenery, the Talofofo area and its sites are a must-see during your time on Guam.

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