Guam Kids' Corner: The story behind Two Lovers Point

Guam Kids' Corner: The story behind Two Lovers Point

by Rylan Hitchner
Andersen Elementary School

Two Lovers Point is one of Guam's most famous legends and an amazing, interesting place to visit. This place that is dedicated to the two lovers is called Punta Dos Amantes in the Chamorro language. This legend has been around since 1819 when a French explorer, Louis de Freycinet, first recorded the legend. This legend's details have been changed many times in various ways, but they all provide the same message.

This legend tells about a beautiful young daughter of a high ranking and wealthy family that falls deeply in love with a lowly Chamorro warrior. When she discovered that her dad arranged a marriage with a powerful Spanish Captain she ran away. The girl kept running until she came upon a peaceful shore. There she met the lowly Chamorro Warrior. She fell deeply in love with him. When her father found out about the warrior he became angry and forced her to marry the Spanish Captain. When the girl refused, a group of people which included the Spanish Captain, her father, and a few other soldiers led the lovers up to a high cliff near Tumon Bay. To avoid her arranged marriage and the Army, the princess and the lover tied their hair together and threw themselves off Tumon Bay. They died a fatal death and will never be seen again.

Today, you are able to see two sweeping views of where the two lovers jumped off to their fatal death. You are also able to see a stunning view of crashing waves about 400 feet below the cliff. Looking to one side, there is supposedly an outline of the women's face and if you look at the other side you can see a view of the man's face. Beside this breathtaking view and eligant photagraph in the land, near the grass area, there is a statue. The statue is a very important part of this amazing, yet sad legend. While this statue supports the legend of the two lovers it has its own interesting history and legend.

This legend happened in 2002 when a massive and destructive typhoon struck. It hit the statue leaving it toppled on the ground. A few days after the typhoon, the statue ended up in a scrapyard. Later in 2013, a person named David took his fiancé, Nancy, to Two Lovers Point. There David told Nancy about the statue and its legend. After awhile the two got married and decided to search for the statue and and bring it back too two lovers point to repair it. The couple searched for a long period of time, two years.Then one day when Nancy and David were searching for the statue and they came across a man who purchased the statue for scrap, but he never had enough time to destruct of it. On October 15, 2015, on Nancy and David’s anniversary they bought the statue and then the Island CERTS corporation [ICC]of Two Lovers Point loaded it into their truck and brought the statue back. They put it back up in the statue's original spot. The statue now reminds citizens that eternal love is possible when two people fall in love.

This legend is both sad, enjoyable, and fascinating, and worth a visit when on Guam. For more information on Two Lovers Point including more on its legend and all the sights you might see, visit the site below.

Puntan Dos Amantes and the Tale of the Two Lovers Statue. Visit Guam. Retrieved on Feb. 26, 2023 from Guam Visitors Bureau.

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