Guam virtual tours: Humåtak - General History

Guam virtual tours: Humåtak - General History

by Guam Visitors Bureau
Guam Visitors Bureau

Stroll through the culturally rich village roads of the south or take a dip in the island’s most well-known natural pool – all from the comfort of your screen!

The village of Umatac is located on the southwestern coast of the island and is home to some of Guam’s most visited scenic and historical sites including the Cetti Bay overlook and Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledåd, or Fort Soledad. “Umatac" is derived from the Chamorro word “uma,” which means to carry something on the back or a heavy load on the shoulders. Umatac is the smallest and the second oldest Guam village, and Umatac Bay is believed to be the site where explorer Ferdinand Magellan made first contact with Guam on March 6, 1521.

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