Guam's Namo Falls Tropical Garden nutures nature

by Tennille Bueno
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Looking to experience traditional Chamorro culture and the unspoiled beauty of nature rolled into one? Namo Falls Tropical Garden is the place. It is perfect for viewing delicate scenery, respecting preserved customs and is a fun experience for all ages.

Nestled away in southern Guam, Namo Falls is located in Santa Rita off Route 12. A guided tour leads guests along a path through the botanical haven. The tropical garden is a showcase for various species of ginger and heliconius. The bright flowers bloom in an assortment of colors. Hibiscus, bougainvillea, orchids, bamboo and coconut trees among other various plants saturate the surroundings.

The park features two waterfalls. The Grandmother Falls can be viewed from this footpath. To reach the larger terraced Grandfather Falls, walk down a set of stairs.

After taking in the beautiful park grounds and flora, visitors can watch a cultural demonstration. Activities include basket weaving and rope making. The countless uses of the coconut fruit are also explained. The show concludes with making and sampling coconut candy. It is worth the wait!

Frank Borja has conducted the tour for many years. He is knowledgeable and his comical personality adds entertainment.

Namo Falls can accommodate large groups and field trips. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call Borja at 565-6266/1587 for more information.

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