Home on the Tumon range

Home on the Tumon range

by Debbie Smith
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Have you ever wondered if you could ride a horse on this tropical island? If so, one place worth visiting is Isla Horse Ranch and Gardens in downtown Tumon across from Hotel Okura.

Once you enter the park you’ll feel like you are miles away from the tourist district’s hustle and bustle.

The Isla Horse Ranch and Gardens is nestled amid a blanket of tropical flora and fauna complete with a waterfall and pond. You can sit, relax and watch the riders go by or you can be adventurous and take a ride along a path in the jungle. The children may ride three laps around the waterfall.

After the ride, guests can walk the grounds and observe the variety of animal exhibits and botanical gardens. Owner Roxanne Benevente continues to add new animals to the park. Currently the park is home to doves, peacocks, ducks, goats, rabbits, monitor lizards, brown tree snakes, turtles, macaws, cockatoos and African grey parrots.

The petting zoo and a miniature horse exhibit are favorites for young ones. Walking up a small hill past the riding area leads you to a large enclosed area where the horses are kept. This area, nestled on a hill, has a beautiful view of Tumon Bay.

Admission to the park is $5 for children and $8 for adults. Horseback rides cost an additional $10 for children and $15 for adults. Look for coupons in local publications.

The park is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and again from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. It is ideal for group outings and parties. Mark your calendar and visit Isla Horse Ranch for a great day and enjoy one of Guam’s attractions.

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