Japan launches large-scale campaign in Asia to win back tourists

Japan, Tourism, Tourists, COVID-19, Coronavirus
Japan, Tourism, Tourists, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Japan launches large-scale campaign in Asia to win back tourists

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The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) will launch a large-scale campaign aimed at discovering Japan’s hidden gems, expanding awareness of local experience-based content, and increasing motivation to visit Japan in the future.

The campaign will provide information on local and deep experience activities that can only be enjoyed in rural areas to lightly repeating travelers in Asia, to impress them with Japan’s unique and memorable experiences and to discover a new Japan as a travel destination. The purpose of this project is to connect with future travel needs to Japan.

The 10 target markets include South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The Growing Need for Travel to Japan: Foreigners’ Perspectives on Tokyo 2020

As a result of JNTO’s survey of the impression of Japan for future visits from overseas residents, it was found that the inherent strengths (attractions) of Japan, such as its history, traditional cultures, sceneries, and landscapes, improved their impressions and motivation to visit Japan.

・A survey of 8,034 overseas residents from 13 countries/regions was conducted on their interest in Japan and changes in attitude as a result of the project.

・Survey of overseas residents shows increased willingness to visit Japan after the pandemic, equivalent to 390 million people in 13 target countries/regions

・44.2% of the respondents became more interested in Japan after watching this project, and 73.2% of the respondents want to visit Japan after the pandemic is over.

Disseminating information to dispel the anxiety of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In addition, JNTO is taking the following measures to dispel the concerns of visitors to Japan regarding the pandemic.

1) Creation of pictograms to communicate Japan’s countermeasures against COVID-19 in an easy-to-understand manner (available in 15 languages)

The pictograms in 15 languages provide easy-to-understand information on countermeasures against the spread of the new coronavirus variants and on emergency responses and information so that foreign tourists can visit Japan with peace of mind.

The 15 languages are: English, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional and Cantonese), Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, German, Italian, French, Spanish (Spanish and Mexican), Russian, and Arabic.

2) Dissemination of information related to the new coronavirus variants through the website

Provides information about immigration regulations, contents about visiting Japan, what to be enjoyed during the stay home periods, etc. The website also shares information on how to eliminate anxiety about traveling to Japan.

Promotion of “Unveiling a New Japan, Captivating Experiences” to lightly repeating travelers

Currently, new attractions are being created in various regions of Japan in preparation for resuming travel in the future.

For example, “Aso Track Adventure,” where you can dynamically drive on the slopes and uneven roads of Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, and “Heian Costumes Walk Experience,” where you can stroll along the Kumano Kodo in old aristocratic costumes, which are authentic experiences that can only be done in rural areas, will be promoted to increase awareness of Japan’s diverse tourism resources, such as nature, history, traditional culture, food, and the lives of local people, and to stimulate interest in Japan as a future travel destination.

As part of this effort, JNTO has launched a “Large-scale Campaign Project in Asia” by releasing the “Unveiling a New Japan, Captivating Experiences” website and videos for each region. In this project, the areas of Japan will be divided into eight areas, and the attractions of sightseeing spots and hands-on activities that are not listed in famous guidebooks will be introduced according to the four seasons and passions.

By dividing the area, it is easier to understand how to access each from regional airports with direct flights and major train stations, and by dividing the seasons, it can be used as a reference for the schedule according to the varying activities available per season. In addition, it will be easier to have an image of the spectacular scenery unique to each season, such as snow and cherry blossoms. Information, including model courses, that will be helpful for your travel planning when your trip to Japan is resumed will also be provided.

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