July 2015 “Find Your Park” on Guam: Free Programs

by National Park Service
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Across the nation, the National Park Service is gearing up for its 100th birthday in August 2016. The War in the Pacific National Historical Park joins this campaign and encourages the public to “Find Your Park” on Guam.

This month we commemorate the 71st Anniversary of the Liberation of Guam and invite the public to visit the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Sumay (located near US Navy main gate) and view “The Battle for Guam” film presentation to hear firsthand accounts of the war years on Guam or join park rangers outdoors for a variety of fun and interesting interpretive programs.

Programs provide visitors an opportunity to learn about park resources, the people we honor, and how events of the past still influence us today. For specific program details, please see the attached schedule of events.

All events are free and open to the public. Visitors can also hear from a park ranger with the park’s cell phone audio tour, available 24 hours a day. Tour stops are located at ten points throughout the park. Dial 866-418-3963 to listen to the tour in English or Japanese.

For more information on specific programs, call 671-333-4050 or visit www.nps.gov/wapa for more details and a map of park units. To learn more about ”Find Your Park”, visit www.findyourpark.com.

July Programs

July 11, Saturday: 11 am at Asan Beach - “Plant Walk”
Explore the ridge of Asan Beach with a park ranger to discover uses of the plants of Guam. While some plants have been introduced to help revegetate the island, many native plants survived the battles and development that have taken place. Some are found nowhere else in the world than this protected ridge. Meet near the restrooms. (One hour)

July 12, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Bay Overlook - “Guam Ever After”
After the liberation, Guam became a major command base with over 200,000 military personnel. Learn about the economic, political, cultural impacts of the war, and the lessons learned. (30 minutes)

July 18, Saturday: 10:30 am at Visitor Center - “History Revealed”
Join author Jose M. Torres and lifelong Merizo resident as he recounts the events described in his book “The Massacre at Atate” of which he was a participant. (One hour)

July 19, Sunday: 2 pm at Visitor Center - “Science Sunday”
“The Case for Guam’s Staghorn Acropora Coral”. Guam’s staghorn corals have suffered unprecedented declines from stressors such as climate change. Recent surveys have estimated more than 50% of Guam’s staghorn corals have died from coral bleaching episodes in the last two years. We are currently investigating staghorn coral reproductive patterns and using genetic clues to begin rehabilitating Guam’s staghorn corals. Come learn about coral spawning and how we use genetic information to build a successful staghorn coral nursery.

July 25, Saturday: 2 pm at Piti Guns - “Death Before Dishonor”
Learn about the Japanese strategy to defend Guam from atop the ridges that lined Asan Beach. A park ranger shares their harrowing, heroic, haunting story. (30 minutes)

July 26, Sunday: 2 pm at Asan Beach - Free Kids Program
Join a ranger and learn about war history, flora and fauna of the beautiful island of Guam. Materials will be provided.
All ages are welcome. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring water! Meet near the restrooms. (1.5 hours)

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