Love, fun & shopping at Guam's landmark Two Lovers Point

Love, fun & shopping at Guam's landmark Two Lovers Point

by Anne Jing Ping Wen
Stripes Guam

One of the first legends taught to children is the story of the two lovers. Growing up on Guam, few have not visited the famous Two Lovers Point. But did you know the landmark offers more than a nice sunset view of Guam? 

The legend of Puntan Dos Amantes

When Spain ruled Guam, a proud family lived in Agana, the capital city. The father was a wealthy Spanish aristocrat, and the mother was the daughter of a Chamorro chief. Their beautiful daughter was honest and modest, her charm so natural and impressive. 

One day, the daughter’s father decided to marry her daughter to a powerful, arrogant Spanish captain. When the girl discovered this, she ran from her house and wandered along the north shore.

In her loneliness, she met a handsome Chamorro man from a modest family. The two fell in love, sharing their thoughts and desires. When the father of the girl learned of the secret affection, he demanded his daughter marry the Spanish captain at once. That day, the daughter left home to meet her lover, and together, they visited the high point where they had first met and watched the stars.

When the father father discovered that his daughter was gone, he told the captain that his daughter had been kidnapped by the Chamorro boy. The father, the captain and all the Spanish soldiers pursued the lovers up to the high cliff above Tumon Bay. 

The couple stood at the very edge of the cliff and knotted their hair. They stared deep into each other’s eyes and finally, kissed goodbye. Then they lept off the deep cliff into roaring waves. 

When the father looked over the edge, all he saw was the floating hair of the lovers. He regretted his choice, but his daughter was lost. Since that day, Chamorros revere the jutting peak by Tumon Bay. Visitors honor real love at Two Lovers Point. 

Visiting the park

Two Lovers Point (i.e., Puntan Dos Amantes) is Guam’s most famous landmark. Annually, the attraction welcomes 500,000 visitors to its park, and nearly 360-400,000 people to the lookout, according to public relations and sales member Terry Debold.

The terraza, is the newest feature at Guam’s most famous landmark. “Because of the terraza (terrace), we are finding a lot of people up in the evening for the happy hour, just to relax in the evening,” Debold said. “It is a nice open air terraza to feel the island atmosphere.”

Tourist arrivals determine customer visits to Two Lovers Point. In the recent years, Guam has seen steady increases in Korean arrivals. Likewise, Korean dialects are heard around the park. 

“A majority of tourists that visit Guam are from the neighboring Asian countries; most of them are going to visit Two Lovers 

Point at some point in their visit,” Debold remarked. “It’s almost like going to Paris and the Eiffel Tower or going to Tokyo and seeing the Tokyo Tower.”

Moreover, military personnel make up a large component of monthly visitors. The landmark attracts anywhere from 500-1000 military and dependents on a monthly basis. For a special military rate ($2 admission), service members can view the lookout and all of Tumon. 

“We have a lot of military personnel that come here, but they also bring their family members from the mainland here,” Debold said.

At the lookout, one can see a “Lady on the Cliff” on the right and a “Man on the Sand” on the left. The cliff line’s rock formation creates a lady’s profile; a head and a face jut out from the cliff. On the left corner, one can see its counterpart: Man on the Sand. Most people who come to the landmark hardly notice its features, but after snapping a photo, the profile becomes noticeable. According to Debold, the left side of the lookout is the only place on island where one can take a panoramic view of Tumon.

The park has three distinct features: the Dos Amantes statue, the Terraza, and the Gift Shop.

The Dos Amantes statue was re-installed in 2015. After destruction from the winds of Typhoon Pongsona, bits and pieces were thrown into scrap fields. According to Debold, the resurrection of the statue represents the lasting bond between the two lovers; they were meant to be.

In the Terraza, friendly waitresses greet you as traditional music plays in the background. The new wooden structure offers a view of Guam’s sandy beaches and relieves people from the scorching sun. This year, the Terraza will also host its first October Fest. On Sunday evenings, visit the park for a light beer festival.

When one is in need of air-conditioning, the gift shop offers a solution. Local crafts cover the tables, and souvenirs line the walls. Immediately outside, vendors sell refreshing mango smoothies and coconut juice to help with the heat.

Whether you tour the park or the outlook, consider the location an option for a wedding venue. For $150, you are entitled to 30 minutes to the upper deck, 10 invited guests, and a complimentary cider toast. What better location to tie the knot than Two Lovers Point? 

“We have a lot of weddings because it’s convenient. It’s easy to reserve, and it’s very affordable,” Debold said. “We will get military personnel who are stationed in Japan, Korea, and all these places that want to get married on American soil. We are the nearest American soil, so then they’ll contact us. They’ll come here for two, three days, and we’ll make all their arrangements for the wedding.”

Wedding couples, and visitors alike, can ring the “Love Bell.” - a smaller sister city bell found in the upper deck. In Kashiwazaki and Niigata, Japan, the exact bell is seen in three cities, all of which are Two Lovers Points. 

“In Asian cultures, there is a strong belief that if you go to these places, it is a power spot,” Debold said. “Two Lovers is unquestionably a power spot in the minds of various tourists that come to Guam. They believe there is a power here that can help your love be eternal.

Whether you are a local or a tourist visiting Guam, jog from Tumon or bike down the wide roads to Two Lovers Point. The power spot pays homage to eternal love and reflects Guam in its entirety: a tropical paradise.


What to know

Tel: +1 671-647-4107

Hours: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.


• Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point)

• Harmon Cliffline overlooking Tumon Bay

• Harmon, Guam

• Off of Route 1, Marine Corps Drive across Micronesia Mall



• Military Discounts: $1 off regular admission

Price: $2

• $150 wedding arrangements: 30-min usage of upper deck, complimentary cider toast, 10 invited guests

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