Marine adventures await you on Guam

by Guam Visitors Bureau
Guam Visitors Bureau

With its endless summer climate, man-made and natural sports facilities and myriad options to explore all, Guam is the perfect destination for marine adventure.

Rainbow Dolphin & Diving

Every morning there are dolphins somewhere in the waters of Guam. Join us on our tour to watch the dolphins at play- jumping, wrestling, surfing, bow riding or just relaxing. They come so close you could touch them.

After a visit with the dolphins, we will take you snorkeling to enjoy another of Guam’s great treasures- coral reefs. Feed the fish. See the colors.

Let us show you paradise.

For reservations or more information, contact us.

Address: P.O. Box 10417 Tamuning, GU 96931
Phone: 646-6743

Ride The Ducks Guam

The Ride the Duck tour is Guam’s newest attraction and is the entertainment, sightseeing land and water experience that connects guests to Guam in a fun, informative and engaging manner.

The tour starts at the SandCastle in Tumon and takes passengers aboard an amphibious vehicle through a tour of Guam’s major ocean side villages and then a splash down in Apra Harbor. On the way back the tour goes through historic Hagatña, the capital city of Guam and onward to the Beach at Gun Beach. The tour will take approximately 90 minutes.

We operate cool modern amphibious vehicle similar to the World War II DUKW in appearance only they are built from the ground up under the United States Coast Guard (USCG) supervision incorporating modern marine technology and safety equipment.

Address: 1199 Pale San Vitores Road Tumon, GU 96913
Phone: 649-7263,  649-7262

Fish Eye Marine Park
(Pacific Underwater Observations)

Step onto our pier and out into spectacular Piti Bay. Our 1,000-foot long wooden boardwalk has covered rest areas where you can stop and watch the fish and enjoy the fresh ocean air. Down below tropical fish dart through the coral reefs. Blue waters in every shade of aqua highlight your jaunt out to Micronesia's only undersea observatory. And in late afternoon, you can also marvel at the beauty of the western sunset.

Once at the observatory, the 360-degree upper deck allows you to enjoy seeing the ocean, the coral reefs, outer barrier reef and Guam's majestic mountains. The air-conditioned inner vestibule has a selection of marine art. You can then walk down our spiral staircase to the lower deck. You are now safely beneath the sea and can view the ocean world from 24 windows (16 rectangular and 8 round). Here, dry and comfortable, you will see Piti's amazing marine life and underwater coral gardens.

Watch as our divers attract some of the 200-plus species of fish that call our location home. Brilliant yellow butterflyfish, silvery jacks, curious snapper and odd trumpetfish all pass by the windows. This is one of the most important places on the island for fish to mate, hatch, grow in the protection of the corals and also get cleaned. Undersea cleaning stations can be seen from many of the observatory windows. Here small fish preen parasites from larger fish, an important act on the reef.

After watching the fascinating reef action, you can again enjoy the upper deck and stroll back at your leisure. Just across the street is our restaurant. Marvel at the natural setting and waterfall and pile your plate high with our buffet lunch. Set next to a cliff line and melodic waterfall, the island ambiance is soothing. Come visit our special Pacific gift shop full of crafts, T-shirts, photographer Tim Rock products and great souvenirs.

Address: 818 North Marine Corps Drive Piti, GU 96915
Phone: 475-7777

Guam Seawalker Tours
(Seaquest Guam, Inc.)

Enjoy the ocean at marine protected areas!!

Piti Bay is one of five marine protected areas. There are colorful corals, marine organisms and unique undersea habitat inside the lagoon. Enjoy underwater walking.

Marine protected areas don’t allow fishing, and have beautiful corals and tropical fishes. You can enjoy feeding the fish and making good memories.

There are some bomb holes and crevasse in the area and it’s the most suitable location for snorkeling and Seawalker.

Address: 372 Marine Corps Drive Piti, GU 96915
Phone: 477-3881

Atlantis Guam, Inc.

Discover the undersea beauty of Guam in a real submarine. • View a variety of coral reef developed over 1,800 years. • Atlantis Submarine takes you to depths of 20 to 40 meters underwater. • When the submarine rises up to the surface from underwater, it will be surrounded by beautiful air bubbles. • Comfortable air-conditioned room without worrying about air pressure • Enjoyable tour for the family, including children and even elders. • Enjoy the shuttle boat cruise that takes you to board the submarine located off the beautiful shores of Guam. • Fantastic driving course along shore side to Apra Harbor • Atlantis submarine operates even in rainy or windy conditions • High safety standard for maintenance and operation

Address: 319 Aqua World Marina Piti, GU 96915
Phone: 477-4166

Big Cruises LLC
(Baldyga Group)

Enjoy gorgeous tropical sunsets and a blue ocean aboard Guam’s only dinner cruise. Star gaze, go fishing, see dolphins and dance the night away. Enjoy unlimited delicious local BBQ food and drinks on Guam’s No.1 cruise.

Baldyga Group is the Mariana Islands’ largest entertainment and tour attraction operator since 1990. The company operates its tours and hospitality venues with the ultimate goal of providing all its patrons a once-in-a-lifetime experience every time they visit.

Address: 1199 Pale San Vitores Rd. Tumon, GU 96913
Phone: 646-6800

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