My paradise: Comfort in Kunsan

My paradise: Comfort in Kunsan

by Susie Lee
AFN Pacific

Kunsan isn’t the horrible, remote assignment that people make it out to be. Kunsan is remote, it is more country than Seoul, but it is also full of splendor. I’ve been hesitant to write this piece because writing it means I’ll have to expose my secret gem. And, I run away to this place- quite literally. But, I suppose sharing is caring, right?

It was such an unexpected treasure, a moment of brilliance to find this place. I’d been feeling anxious that my life was moving slower than time was moving, and I’d just been having lots of thoughts, to say the least. When I have thoughts, I like to get out, go for walks, go for drives, go for bus rides—something, anything, just vacate the place. Well, then I found Eunpa-Lake Park (은파 호수 공원). It was just so majestic. All of my thoughts just disappeared. Wouldn’t it be great if nature could really do that? Just wipe away all of our worries? Haha! Well, at least there’s a place of my own, in Kunsan, that does that for me, at least for a little while. I run here, I rest here, I think, and I also don’t think here. This place, Eunpa-Lake Park is just majestic to me, particularly at night.

In the middle of the lake, there is a bridge that is beautifully lit with lights that alternate colors; the park is outlined with a path for miles upon miles for runners and walkers. The air is clean, the water is clear, and surrounding the park are lights and mini speakers that play delightful music. On one end, I can hide and rest away in a traditional Korean wood-framed hut, or I can go to another side of the lake and go to a café for a café mocha. Walking the whole perimeter takes 5-6 hours, so in terms of thinking time, anyone with lots of thoughts won’t have a problem.

To me, Eunpa-Lake Park is my private get-away. I come here to escape from the entropy that we call life. It’s so easy to forget how beautiful the world is in our busy lives, but we have to remember to get away and to just take in a moment for ourselves; take in the moonlight hitting the water and the lights from the bridge that complement it so stunningly. You’ll feel much better after you take a few deep breaths of fresh air and a few long glances into Eunpa Lake and all her glory!

Susie tested and Susie approved!

• Why I like working for AFN:  I love working for AFN because I get to interact with the community, and my personality gets to shine through.  I’m a people-person.  I can’t handle being in a box and not talking to people.  When I’m on the radio, I just have a different type of energy and excitement for work; I can be the dorky little girl that I am, and Kunsan Airmen just have to accept it!

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