My Paradise: Family adventure in tropical Railay, Thailand

by Zeke Lyons
Stripes Guam
If a jungle-ly beach surrounded by rocky cliffs is your idea of tropical paradise, then Railay Beach, Thailand, is the spot for you! It’s been our favorite family destination so far.
The other best thing: no cars and no roads. Since Railay Beach is on a peninsula surrounded by cliffs, it is only reachable by boat. Beautiful clear water? check. Monkeys? check.  An east facing beach for the sunrise and a wide west facing for the sunset? check. Day trips to amazing Maya Bay (made famous in the movie “The Beach”)? check.
Adventurous types can hike up for a freshwater swim in Princess Lagoon. From a kayak, you can watch rock climbers scaling cliffs above you. We made it extra memorable by arranging our own boat transportation from Ao Nang. Since it was low tide, we had to sling our baggage over our heads as we waded out to climb aboard a Thai longboat with the mostly European crowd on our way to this seemingly hidden paradise.
You can find places to stay for all budgets, but we really loved the villas of Sunrise Tropical Resort.
Railay Beach is reachable from Krabi Arport, which has regular flights from Singapore and Bangkok. Check out the pictures; you won’t be able to resist.

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