My Paradise: Trekking through Cambodia's jungles

Photo by Kevin Dao
Photo by Kevin Dao

My Paradise: Trekking through Cambodia's jungles

by: Kevin Dao | .
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published: October 09, 2017

I found paradise as I was riding on my own elephant in the south eastern jungles of Mondulkiri Province of Cambodia.

Trekking through the jungles on an elephant was a great experience but bathing with one while crossing a river was unbelievable.

Words cannot describe how humbling it is to witness and participate in the bathing of the elephants with the village children. Watching them genuinely enjoying themselves made me come to the realization of how sheltered I am and how the simplest things in life can bring such happiness.

Along with my elephant experience, the Cambodian experience would not be complete without a visit to its archaeological sites. From the world famous Temple of Ankor Wat to the magnificent remains of its symbolic surroundings, each neighboring temple or shrine is as unique as it is beautiful.

Cambodia should be on everyones bucket list to visit, especially for those stationed out here in the Pacific. I found paradise there in the jungles of Cambodia and that is something that I will hold in my heart forever.

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