Northern Marianas Islands - Rota

Northern Marianas Islands - Rota

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Rota Attractions

Wedding Cake Mountain
Wedding Cake Mountain is the nickname for Mt. Taipingot. Viewed from a far, this rocky mountain resemble a layered cake commonly made for the weddings. It is an ideal place to go hiking and trekking into the lush green forest. Locates south of the Son Song village, this mountain is one of Rota’s postcard sites to capture.

Cave Museum
The museum itself is housed in a cave that is said to be approximately 10 million years old and is worth the visit. The cave is about 250 feet in length. The path is lined with artifacts that span the ages from ancient Chamorro with a few items from the Spanish intrusion. There are also many Japanese and American artifacts that are mostly from World War II era.

Teteto Beach & Guata Beach
Teteto Beach and the Guata Beach are the best snorkeling spots in Rota. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear water and sunbathing on white sand beaches during the daytime, watch the beautiful sunrise from a beach bar in the evening, and go star-gazing at night.

Sugar Mill and Trains
The Sugar Mills and the Trains were built and used by the Nanyo Kohatsu (NKK)/ Southsea Development Company.  The Sugar Mill was the only “Brick” structure built during the Japanese era. Mr. Haruji Matsue of the NKK believed the Marianas Islands had a huge potential for developing a successful sugar cultivation and refining industry, and began investigating. Later, he earned the nickname, “Sugar King.”

Where to Stay in Rota?
From boutique hotels to luxury resorts with spas and waterparks, a wide range of accomodations are available in the Northern Marianas to fit your need and budget during your stay.

Hotel Valentino
P.O. Box 491
Rota, MP 96951
T: (1-670) 532-8466/9362
F: (1-670) 532-0655

Rota Coconut Village
P.O. Box 855
Rota, MP 96951
T: (1-670) 532-3448
F: (1-670) 532-3449

Rota Resort and Country Club
P.O. Box 938
Rota, MP 96951
T: (1-670) 532-1155
F: (1-670) 532-1156

The Rota Hotel
P.O. Box 878
Rota, MP 96951
T: (1-670) 532-2000/1/2
F: (1-670) 532-3000

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