Remote Guam beach is well worth the journey

by Tara K. Simpson
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For folks with adventurous souls who are willing to tackle a rough and severely cratered coral road, an incredible piece of relatively untouched Guam awaits. Tucked away in the northernmost point of Tumon Bay, Gun Beach has managed to remain remote amid the hustle of Guam’s tourist district.

The beach was named for the Japanese coastal defense guns that were strategically placed near the cliff walls of the bay during the occupation. The artillery piece and pillbox still stand for visitors to inspect.

One of the striking aspects about Gun Beach is the exciting drive that leads to the small, unpaved parking area. Compared to other parks in Guam, the beach is less frequented by tourists, despite its proximity to hotel row. The rough entry road may keep many other potential beach-goers at bay.

The deep, soft sandy beach is a prelude to the spectacularly clear and clean waters that offer perfect conditions for snorkeling. For folks hoping to simply relax in solitude, there are several shaded spots under large coconut trees. Even at high tide, the water is calm enough for toddlers to wade in and enjoy splashing around.

While its greatest appeal might be the quiet retreat offered to its visitors, another way to appreciate the beach is to wait until the tide is low. When this happens, one can easily hike around the cliffs north of Gun Beach. On the other side of the rocks is Fafa’i Beach, which is at the foot of Two Lovers’ Cliff.

If you haven’t taken advantage of experiencing a bit of natural Guam, the time is growing short. The land adjacent to Gun Beach has recently been cleared in order to make room for Guam’s newest high-rise hotel and condominiums. Soon after construction started, an incredible archeological discovery of a burial site and artifacts dating back to 800 B.C. was made.

To find the beach, drive north on Route 14 past the Hotel Nikko until you reach the end of the paved road. The continuing coral and gravel road is extremely rough. Drivers should slow up and keep a careful pace to manage the drive. When using the parking area park on firm ground and not soft sand. There are no posted hours of operation, but be mindful it is a remote, isolated location with no streetlights to help you in the dark.

You will find the adventure of getting there well worth the effort.

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